Morrowseer's Madness

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Are special guest today is...Morrowseer! One of evilest and biggest villain from Wings of Fire.

*the set is your classical host show. There is an imaginary audience and the background where I'm at is blue. I'm sitting cross-legged on a leather chair with cards in my hand. Our host is sitting across from me in a similar fashion, but much grumpier.*

Me: Welcome, people to the first episode of Ask A Dragon! So, Morrowseer we have a couple questions for you.

Audience: *claps wildly*

Me: Thank you, thank you.


Me: *shakes head sadly* We can do that once you answer the questions honestly, if you don't answer the questions we will call a mind reader to get them out of your head. So, let's get started, shall we?

Morrowseer: *growls and threatens to kill everyone in the room*

Me: *sighs, then snaps fingers and shackles appear to attach him to the chair* So, our first question. Why did you turn evil?

Morrowseer: I'll never tell y- *gulps and stares at the laser guns pointing at him from the roof* I-uh. *mumbles* I wanted to meet the famous Blister.

Me: *raises eyebrow* Okay then, that leads us to the nest question. What do you see in Blister?

Morrowseer: Well, she's smart and beautiful. Sinister and brave. It was too bad she had to die. But, I guess now I get to see her more. She's the angel in my soul... *sighs dreamily*

Me: *laughs maniacally for an hour and then wipes tears from eyes* First of all, she's a devil, not an angel. And second, you have no soul whatsoever! *continues laughing while Morrowseer stares at me with a weird look*

Audience: *laughs along*

Me: Okay, next topic. How do you feel about not knowing you had a daughter? This question is from Nightwingmaster

Morrowseer: *thinks deeply* To be honest, if she's not from Blister, then I don't give sh*t about her.

Me: *talks into gadget in my ear* Release sand and ice. I repeat, release sand and ice!

*Gates in the room open, releasing Winter and Qibli. They tear Morrowseer to shreds. They leave once they make sure there is nothing left of him, they wave good bye with Moon walking in between them*

Me: *chuckles and brings Morrowseer back with a snap of my fingers* We're not done here yet!

Morrowseer: *groans and stares daggers at me*

Me: Okay, about your daughter. How would you feel if I told you that she has the powers you pretended to have? This is from seawingsrulue

Morrowseer: *roars so loud that Tui heard it and dreaded making him up* If it were true I'd go and kill the writer herself.

Me: It's true, and don't worry Tui. We got you covered.

Tui: *shrugs and keeps editing The Lost Continent. I heard that she's already finished writing it, she is on the editing phase*

Morrowseer: *breathing heavily, turning red from pressure, steam coming out of his ears. Explodes.*

Me: Aaaand, I don't think I can fix that. Sorry guys, but we are going to have to cut it short here. Hope you had fun! And yes, our next guest will be Moon. So go ahead and comment questions you want to ask her. See ya later!

Your host


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