Sasuke blows on the ramen gently as he slurped it up. You could see a small smile grow on his face. "She's not kidding." He says.

"She really wasn't, dattebayo!" Naruto exclaims.

"This is too good! Shu, you're amazing!" Sakura cooes. Blushing a little. Shu chuckles and ruffled her pink hair.

Shu nudges you as you watched them eat and sat down. "Maybe we'll have something like this to do everyday." You blushed heavily, having the thought of actually having a future with Shu one day.

As Red Eye:

You would know that Sasuke and Red Eye would get along great. The both of them always seemed a little...edgy. I mean you're not sure, but eh.

As you played with Sakura and Naruto at your house, Red Eye and Sasuke watched. Red Eye just admired your motherly instincts while Sasuke was watching in disinterest.

"Do you guys wanna play a game?" You ask the 6 and 5 year old. Bright blue and green eyes looked excited as they nod. You stood up, and looked over to your edgy boyfriend and the kid you're babysitting. "Do you both wanna play as well?" Red Eye shakes his head but Sasuke hesitantly nods. You looked over back to Naruto.

"Tag you're it!" You exclaimed, tapping on Naruto's nose as you picked up Sakura and ran outside. Sakura giggled as Naruto began to chase Sasuke around, much to Sasuke's dismay.

Red Eye watched all four of the kids, which includes his girlfriend, run away. He chuckles to himself as he stood up and decided to help Sasuke to escape Naruto.

Red Eye secretly hopes that one day, he'll have little monsters of their own.

Kiyama Rantaro

Rantaro and Naruto were a match. It really surprised you when they both got along quickly.

I mean, they're both cocky, high self esteem, happy 24/7, and both put on a tough guy act. 

Yep, definitely a match.

You were braiding Sakura's long pink hair as Sasuke was blabbering on with things about his brother, Itachi, was a person who you found to be close enough to be like a brother to you. All of a sudden, you hear an argument.

"Pfft- Ramen's good? The BeyBread is a lot better!"

"Ew! Some old bread?! Ramen's better, dattebayo!"

"No it's not!"

"Yes it is!"

You set down Sakura's pink mid-braided hair, and moved Sasuke from your lap. "I'll be right back." Both of them nod as they began to converse with each other.

You walked in the next room over to find both Rantaro and Naruto arguing. "Now, what's the problem here?" You ask, placing your hands on your hips.

"Rantaro thinks that we should order BeyBread and have it for dinner!" Naruto points at your boyfriend, "But I would prefer to have Ramen for dinner!"

"(Y/n), please help me reason with a 5 year old." Rantaro pleads.

"Okay, okay. How about this, we have Ramen for dinner and then BeyBread for dessert?" You suggest.

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