Little Monsters

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When he helps you babysit + Thinking a little bit about the future~

Aoi Valt

You were babysitting these three little monsters today. And they really are a handful.

"Sasuke!" You yell, looking at the young male with cat ears in hand. You managed to catch up with him and placed your hands in his sides. He thrashed a little, "Sasuke, calm down." You say. 

"No!" He says, he thrashes his hands around, thinking that it'll help him to get out of your grasp. Sasuke has black eyes and spiky black hair with a blue tint. Sasuke's hair has hung over his face as bangs. Sasuke wore a black, short-sleeved shirt with a high collar, white shorts. "I also could've gotten away with getting a cookie if it weren't for you." He spat.

You huffed and set him down on the couch, "Here, let's make a deal." You say. "If you sit down while I make dinner, I promise you and the rest, to buy you all ice cream." Sasuke's black eyes seemed interested. 



Sasuke smiled and nods. You ruffled his black hair.

"Alright, now to find the others."

"You won't have to look for very long." You hear your boyfriend say. You turned around and saw Valt being kicked in the face by a young blonde while holding a calm looking pink haired girl.

"Thanks for helping me again, Valt." You say, giving him a small kiss on his cheek.

"You're welcome, these little monsters are a handful." Valt jokes.

"Hey!" A younger sounding voice pouts.

"Here, go put them there where Sasuke is." You say, pointing at the young boy flipping through the channels of your T.v. Patiently waiting for dinner. Valt walked over and placed the two other kids on there. 

"Valt, please watch over them while I make dinner." You say, as Valt whined. "Please?" You ask, "For me?" Valt sighed and nods. And gives you a hug and kiss.

"Ew!" You both hear the kids say in disgust.

You both chuckle as you left and started to make dinner.

Kurenai Shu

As Shu:

You both were in charge of taking care of three little kids that go by the names of Sasuke, Sakura, and Naruto. Shu was good with kids, thankfully with helped a lot. 

"Alright, dinner!" You say, bringing in two plates of ramen for both you and Naruto. Naruto really loves Ramen, so much, it's almost all he eats.

"Ramen?" A young female girl asks.

"Sorry, Sakura." You say, "Naruto refused anything else." Sakura huffs but smiles nonetheless as Shu sets down a bowl of Ramen. Sakura developed a small little crush on Shu, but you dismissed it because of her being 6 years old.

"Plus, Shu here," You say swinging an arm around your boyfriend. "Makes the best Ramen on earth!" You exclaim, tapping on his nose as Shu blushes sightly and smile.

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