chapter two

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Storm stretched open her wings, relishing the sensation flooding down her wings. She popped her head back up, and turned to proceed to her scroll.

Once she grabbed it, the SkyWing turned towards the closet, her heart pounding as she approached it.

When Lotus had left the day before, Storm had happened upon two oval shaped gemstone sin the closet.

She hoped they were still there.

The SkyWing swung open the doors, and happiness lit in her stomach as she saw the two sapphire necklaces twinkling at the base.

Storm gripped on of the jewels and slid it over her neck. It was hers, if you thought about it. It was in her room. So it was hers.

It shone around her ginger and silver scales, and warmth spread from Storm's nose to tail-tip. It's so pretty.

Her thoughts seemed all to be directed towards the jewel, as if she couldn't think about anything else. Storm dreamily stumbled out of the room, her eyes soft like pillows.

She heard a holler, and she slowly turned, her eyes focused on the blue crystal around her neck.

It was Lotus, her scales a pretty array of purple and gold. Her eyes were wide. "Pretty necklace!" She chirped. "But before we go, meet the others clawmates!"

She backed up, revealing a stubby looking SandWing, Inkwriter, a grumpy faced SeaWing, the icy-cold IceWing from earlier, and a sorry scaled MudWing.

Lotus waved her tail to Inkwriter. "You have already met Inkwriter," she turned her glance to the SandWing, who was wearing a few scattered petals upon his head. "That's Sphinx."

Sphinx dipped his head slowly, his eyes wide and nervous. He glanced between them, but stayed silent.

"This is Shiver." Announced the RainWing, her scales still purple and gold. "She's smiling inside her head."

Shiver glared at Lotus with a freezing stare that alarmed Storm inside her warm body.

"The old thug is Prince Whirlmist, the snottiest tail-twisting royal in the SeaWing Kingdom." Whirlmist blinked slowly, his eyes annoyed and crisp like an autumn leaf. He scanned her, his icy pupils making her go rigid, feeling alarmed.

"And last but... yes, last." She slowly turned towards the moping MudWing. "That's... Stump." She blinked at him. "He's An animus, he just wont tell us that he is."

Stump glared at her, some scales lifting upon his back as she blabbered on.

Storm flexed her jaw. "Well... um... how do you know he is an Animus?" She asked, feeling a slight bit of envious sympathy for him.

Stump looked up at her, his eyes shining. Lotus glanced at her as well. "Well, Whirlmist said..."

Whirlmist flicked one of his ears. "Three moons, I don't care what I said. Let's go." He stepped forward, his shoulders hunched.

Lotus blinked at him. "Oh, alright. You- you seem..." Shiver interrupted her.

"I don't even care about one of you in here." She stated flatly. "But I care about one thing." She stared at them all with her icy blue eyes. "I care about getting a good grade and never being late." She shouldered them away and began to walk towards the exit.

Lotus shuffled after her, her eyes apologetic. Stump quickly followed, his tail skimming the ground, and Sphinx followed. Storm was left with Whirlmist and Inkwriter.

Whirlmist stared at the two in disapproval. He stared at Storm for a moment, then turbed in a flurryy of pale green scales and trotted away.

Inkwriter stared at Storm, his wings shuffling. "Um," he murmured, shifting from talon to talon. "S-Storm why are you hiding your back?"

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