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My name is Agent Renae Genoa. Well, I'm not exactly an agent, more of a counselor I guess? Anyways, I work for an agency called SHIELD...or I did. Until...well we will get to that. I'm twenty years old, American and about 5 ft 6. I'm Caucasian with long auburn hair and chocolate brown eyes. As you can tell, there's really nothing that special about me. If you saw me walking on the street you probably wouldn't give me a second glance. Honestly, I had no idea why SHIELD wanted me. My father had died when I was fourteen from a stroke and that left me to help my mother raise my four younger siblings. I did alright at school but was awful at mathematics. There was literally no reason why SHIELD would want me, but they did. At the age of sixteen, I was looking for a job so I could start saving up for college. As I was looking through newspapers skimming help wanted articles there was a knock at my door. I opened the door to find a average height man wearing a suit and sunglasses. His head was balding a little on the top and he had a friendly but professional look to him.
"Excuse me. But are you Miss Renae Genoa?" He asked politely.
I nodded my head nervously.
He smiled and said
"My name is Phil Coulson. I've been informed by my boss that you've been looking for a job."
My jaw dropped and I stepped back a little into the doorway nervously.
" did you know that? I haven't even applied for a job anywhere yet."
Phil smiled kindly
"I work for a government agency called SHIELD. We've been watching you for a while Miss Genoa. We think you would fit perfectly as a member of the agency."
I blinked a few times trying to digest what I just heard.
"Me? Well...umm...what exactly...w-would I be doing...there?" (Ok. I'm sorry! I was in shock ok?! If you were in my situation you'd be more than a little shocked too!)
Phil pulled out a folder from his suit jacket and began to look through it
"Well, it says here that you like to help people. Your a good listener. Your a hard worker. Your a natural peace keeper and make friends easily..."
"What?! How...what..." I stuttered.
He smiled at me slightly amused
"I did say that SHIELD has been watching you for a while Miss Genoa."
I looked away and muttered sarcastically
"Well that's not creepy at all."
He ignored me and continued to browse the file on me.
"I believe my boss Director Fury would like to place you in our Criminal Psychologist Class."
"Wait. So I'd be a counselor...for bad guys? " I asked.
"In a sense." He said "It would be like a class at first. Tests, quizzes, grades on criminal psychology. He thinks you will be good at it."
I dazedly ran a hand through my hair "This is all really sudden. I'm not sure whether I'm flattered or creeped out. Probably a little of both. What are the benefits like? I also can't just up and leave my mom and siblings alone. She needs my help."
"SHIELD will take care of your family. They would get special protection. You will get to travel around with your job and meet alot of different people. Health and Dental I'll just give you this." He handed me a paper with all the benefits and my job description written down. I found it strange that he had that handy. So I asked him
"Do you recruit people frequently? You act like this is an everyday thing."
He took off his sunglasses and looked at me
"There's alot of things I do as an agent of SHIELD Miss Genoa. Recruiting is just one of them."
I looked at the paper and back to him
"How long do I have to think it over?"
He handed me a business card and said
"As long as you need. When you have your decision just call the number on this card. Hope to hear from you soon."
Then he walked back to the driveway got into a black car and drove off.
"Goodness." I thought looking at the card and paper in my hand. "This is awesome! No! It's not awesome! These people know everything about you!" My mind argued with itself. "But you could actually get a cool job! You'd travel! Meet people and it sounds like an adventure!"
I talked to my mom about it later. She didn't like the idea of me working for the government or around criminals but the benefits sounded good. She knew I had an adventurous streak and also knew that deep down I wanted this job. She told me that it was my decision and that I had to visit the family often if I accepted it. Finally, after a long time of thinking I made the call. This is the beginning of the story of how I got myself into a world of trouble and out of the dark.

Author's note: None of the pictures used in this story are mine! :) All belong to their rightful owners, I am merely borrowing them.

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