Bridge Chapter 3.B

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Hey guys! Do continue to read this story in Dearly Beloved- the continuation of this book. This Bridge Chapter is about the re opening of Sumo's father's hotel- which happened a few months prior to the current track in Dearly Beloved.


Suman's POV.

I looked around in the sprawling grounds of the hotel with a mixed feeling. I felt an immense sense of happiness and pride that I was able to reopen my father's hotel. From the overwhelming response the invites had received people around were insisting it was set to be a roaring success.

While it was way too early to predict and rejoice over the contemplated success, such words made me very happy.

Happiness was accompanied with acute sadness of not having the person whose dream it had been.

My father had been very passionate about this hotel and my mother had matched his enthusiasm in every step.

My vision clouded with unshed tears as I glanced up at the signboard.


The memory of the reason behind this crazy name of the hotel made me smile through my tears. After working hard towards the fulfilment of his dream when my father had be on the verge of opening this hotel, at that time as a restaurant a string of bad lucks had come not just as a set back but even threatened the possibility of the restaurant ever opening.

A lot of people had suggested he scrape the plan while still others had come with suggestions about how to overcome hurdles of 'evil eye'.

My father was not one to believe in superstitions had laughed it off but had also come up with this crazy name.

I could still vividly remember his shared laughter with my mother when they had finalized this name and announced it to others.

"I miss you so much Ma and Papa." I said softly.

"You will always have their blessing." A voice behind me made me turn and I came face to face with Ramnath uncle.

"I know." I said softly as I smiled at him. His eyes were sad as he looked up at the name as it shone bright surrounded by a halo of soft yellow green and white lights.

"I had gone with Neeraj to place and order for that board." He continued softly.

"Oh? I did not know that." I responded in surprise.

He laughed softly. "He had been so enthusiastic about this place. True to his words with sheer hard work and immense talent he had managed to make this place a hotel with residential rooms from a small restaurant that he had first started." After a few minutes.

I nodded as I silently glanced at the wings of the guest rooms that were still locked and not functional yet. "Someday I hope I can re open those rooms to guests." I said quietly.

"I am sure you will Suman. I never doubted that fact. That is one reason that we ensured this place does not go out of your hands." Uncle looked at me, his eyes still sad.

"I can never thank you enough for what you did for me at the court uncle." I said feeling grateful and overwhelmed at the memory. "I know what Shravan means to you uncle, but you did not hesitate to stand up against your own son in order to help me get justice."

"You do not ever need to thank me child." his eyes softened before his lips twisted in a slanted smile "And Suman you do know what you mean to my son. Standing by you meant to him more than it could ever do to you."

I looked away not knowing how to respond. How does a girl respond to her prospective father in law who says the son he loves dearly loves his prospective bride more than anything else in this world?

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