23- exes and thugs

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"Aly, wake up."

I stirred, my eyes slowly opening to take in my surroundings. I was lying on something hard. Something that didn't really feel like a bed.

Afraid to open my eyes completely, I used my hand to feel my way around. As soon as my fingers brushed against a smooth, muscular chest, I frantically jumped off of the bed and looked down at Tyler in horror. "Shit. I'm sorry." 

He was lying on his back, shirtless, with a little red mark on his peck where my stud earring dug in. I'd been sleeping on his bare chest. What?

"How did that happen?" I asked. 

"You practically dragged me into bed with you. You wouldn't let me leave." Tyler explained. He didn't seem particularly phased by it while I, on the other hand, was internally freaking out.

"Sorry." I said again, cheeks red from embarrassment. First I had to talk about feelings and then I forced him to cuddle with me? What the fuck was happening?

"It's fine." He said, but I barely heard him as I looked around for a clock. Realizing I still had a phone in my pocket, I took it out and checked it. Twelve thirty.

"You could have woken me up earlier."

"But you looked so peaceful." Tyler said, a teasing grin on his face. I would have thought it was cute that he watched me sleep if I wasn't so horrified. Now it was my turn to run from feelings. I could say that I was starting to feel the same things for Tyler that I felt for my ex all those years ago, but that wasn't even close the truth. This was way more intense. Way more soul-taking, addictive, and passionate. The two didn't compare at all.

"We should get going." I said as I gathered my jacket and shoes. I walked out the door before he was even out of bed, shifting my weight from foot to foot as I waited in the hallway.

The reason I was so freaked out wasn't because I didn't want to love. I wanted to love Tyler with every fiber in my being, until my very last breath. The reason I couldn't was because he was dangerous. With him came family drama, drama that had turned violent. With him came risk of getting arrested, of getting killed, or my personal favorite, being abandoned when he finally had enough money to get his brother the hell out. Our story had only one possible ending, and it was just that...an ending.

I spent the next hour trying to focus on the missions. I started out pretty distracted but eventually I got back into the swing of things. I started to regain focus as we hopped into stores, swiping wallets left and right from unsuspecting shoppers. We mostly stuck to the streets because there was less visibility, bumping into people and swiping their wallets in the process.

It wasn't until five a.m. that we decided to call it quits. Tyler led me to a little convenience store on the corner of a dark street that he promised would have my favorite potato chips. I happily led the way inside, my concentration focused on one thing and one thing only: Lays original.

After picking up a family size bag, I walked over to the beverage cooler to grab a soda. I had just turned to smile at Tyler when I noticed I was alone, my partner in crime nowhere to be found.

Immediately after I realized that, I watched as the front door swung open to reveal a man wearing a ski mask, waving a gun around at the three people in the store.

"Get on the ground." The man yelled. The other customer, a middle-aged woman, obliged while the cashier held his hands up behind the register. I didn't move, though. I kept my eyes trained on the robber, the sense of deja vu paralyzing me. Was that Tyler?

Angry with my lack of a response, the man came over and roughly grabbed me, wrapping his arms around my waist and holding me against him. I considered struggling until I heard his husky voice next to my ear, which I immediately recognized.

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