If Countries Had Middle Names

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America: Alfred Frederick Jones

England: Arthur Thomas Kirkland

France: Francis Abel Florence Joseph Bonnefoy

Canada: Matthew Johnathan Williams

Russia: Ivan Vladimirovich Braginsky

Germany: Ludwig Erik Beilschmidt

Prussia: Gilbert Dominik Beilschmidt

Italy: Feliciano Veneziano Vargas

Romano: Lovino Emilio Vargas

-Chinese and Japanese middle names are non-existent in their culture unless they have an American name, so then they would use their Asian name as their middle name (Ex. Liam Kiku Honda). There might be a few more exceptions, though. I'm not an expert.

-I did not include Spain because, technically, Fernandez is already his middle name. I might be wrong, but it's better to be safe than sorry.

-Russian middle names are basically the father's name. Suffixes -ovich or -evich are added for male middle names. Suffixes -ovna or -evna are added for female middle names.

-France's "middle name" is a huge mess because in the old catholic tradition, girls would be called Marie and boys would be called Joseph when baptized. Then you would also give the name of the godmother or godfather. Then you could also add the name of an aunt, uncle or other relative. Then you would add the "first name" by which the kid would be called.

So a girl could be called: Sophie Marthe Isabelle Marie Pelletier (so in order that would have been first name, godmother's name, name of a relative, Marie because she's a girl, then family name). In every day's life (and on most forms and IDs) it would just be Sophie Pelletier.

I did not do this for the Italy brothers because "normal" middle names are common in Italy.

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