"My Love for You is Never in Doubt!"

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"No stress! My love for you is never in doubt!

We'll get a little place in Harlem and we'll figure it out!"


When he's clingy/protective

[idk i guess this goes for either one]


Aoi Valt

Valt currently is hugging his girlfriend tightly, burying his face into the back of her neck. Inhaling her scent and enjoying every second of spending time with her. However, [Name] was getting a little annoyed. Surprisingly, Valt's being a bit clingy to her today. At first, she was okay with it because she always did like his hugs, but now...it's just getting annoying. She can barely get anything done with him always being at her side.

"Valt, you've been hugging me for about half an hour." [Name] says while petting his blue, spiky, hair. "Let go, I have to make dinner."

"No~" Valt whined, dragging out the 'o'. He tightened his grip on the girl as he didn't want her to leave him. "Stay with me."

[Name] sighed and pried him off of her, and surprisingly--it took a little effort. I guess Valt's getting stronger bit by bit. "Your Mom entrusted me with you, and I have to do what she asked." Valt pouted and looked up, the couch blocked the way from him seeing a full picture of [Name].

"Is that why you're here?" Valt asked, teasingly. A slight grin tugged at the corner of his lips.

"W-What?" [Name] stammered. "No!"

"Haha!" Valt laughed, and extended his arms, motioning for [Name] to come back. "Then come back and prove it!" [Name] groaned as she fell right into his trap. But nonetheless, she came back to Valt's arms as he redid the actions right before [Name] got out from his grasp.

"Why are you so huggy all of a sudden?"

"Because I love you!"


Aoi Tokonatsu

[Name] looked to the right, then to the left. Upon seeing the coast was clear, she sighed in relief and took just one step out of her classroom. And all of a sudden, she felt someone hug her side and she instantly knew who it was.

"Tokonatsu, please--not in public." [Name[ says before growing red. Her eyes darting everywhere for people who might be watching.

"But I wanted a hug," Tokonatsu says, laughing against her neck.

"I feel like there's more to that." [Name] chuckles before prying the boy off of her. "C'mon, we gotta go to the Beyclub." [Name] pokes the boy's nose playfully. "We can't have our very own captain be late, right?"

Tokonatsu smiles before nodding, pride swelling up after hearing her say, captain. He quickly intertwined his hand with [Name]'s as he began to walk happily to the roof. With [Name] slightly embarrassed because of the interaction.

Kurenai Shu

Shu smiles as he waves goodbye to Fubuki, leaving the young boy to return home. The albino closes the door and turned around to see [Name] extending a blanket (while it was still on her). Making her look like she's having a cloak and is inviting Shu to join her cult.

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