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Rosemary Dizznee

Ten Years Ago...From Rosemary's Memory
I'm exhausted. Lunch just started and after an entire session of being wind blasted, I already want to go home. It's not because I don't like school - I love it - It's just that ability testing is grueling. The other day was trying to walk through walls (by that I mean walk into walls), and the session before was sitting in a freezer. One time they spent an entire period staring at one another intently in an attempt to read one another's minds. That one was awkward.

My hair is a complete mess now, and I wish that I manifested like Celeste and Alexander had. Celeste manifested when she was seven while she was helping dad in the workshop like she always did, and mom says that's what triggered it so early. Alexander manifested as a geokinetic in his second year, so that only leaves me out of the three of us.

Speaking of three, it's my third year of Foxfire, meaning that it's the last year I'm likely to manifest. It'll be my last year of ability training, and my last chance to join my sister and Alexander in the silver towers one day.

I know there's nothing wrong with being a talentless, Uncle Lex and Pop-Pop are and they're super cool, but I just... I just want something more from life than alchemy or road work or nursing or secretary. I want to do something that changes people's lives. I want to be important. I'm not talking about fame or anything, the other wave kids and I get some of the reverb from our parents, I'm talking something like helping someone with only something I can do, something that can only be done with a special ability.

Only telepaths can read minds. Only geokinetics can control rocks. Only inflictors can make people feel things at will... at least, that's what I thought before mom told me that you can do most of those things without a special ability. If you practice being observant, you can tell what people are thinking. If you use your words wisely and your heart freely, you can make people feel things at will... as for controlling rocks... well, telekinesis is the best I'm ever get; that is, unless I manifest as a geokinetic within the next year.

What do I want to manifest as? Well, I'm not really sure. SO many abilities are SO cool, but it'd be pretty fun to share an ability with someone like Celeste and dad do, or Alexander and Aunt Marilynn. Maybe I'm a telepath like Aunt Sophie, Uncle Fitz, and Grandpa; or a technopath like Celeste and dad; or an beguiler like Aunt Bex; or a electrokinetic like Uncle Rex; or a Froster like Granny; or a vanisher like Gram and Mom. I'm more likely to get one of those abilities since sometimes they tend to go down family lines, but who knows, I might end up being a flasher.

Anyways, lunch just started and I can't find my sister or Alexander, so I'm just lost in a sea of people. I keep searching the crowd but I'm a lot shorter than most of the other students, I'm only 5'2" and I've almost stopped growing and Celeste, already 5'6", won't stop making fun of me. She and Alexander are about the same height, but dad says that he's going to shoot up and be super tall! I can't help but be a bit jealous, but mom says that I just need taller heels to catch up to them and Alexander said that he'd carry me around if it made me feel better (which it doesn't, I'm not some sort of doll!)

I've had a crush on Alexander since I was nine, so that's about four years... Only mom knows about it, I haven't even told Celeste, and she says that we're still young so I have to be patient. I don't mind being patient, but I'm worried about messing up and him finding out! That would change everything! The whole friendship dynamic would be different. It'd be awkward and weird and distant and I don't want that.

We've just always been a team, I guess. He always helps me take care of the little kids and he always referees Celeste and I's arguments. I can always count on him to be by my side and we know almost everything about one another since we've known each other for most of our lives.

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