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WARNING: This chapter contains some sexual content which starts at "**" and ends after "**." Skip this part if you wish, you won't miss any important part of the storyline.


Adrian could tell Eva was deep in thought. Whenever he tried to talk to her, she would reply with "hmm," "yes," and "okay," ultimately killing the conversation.

He figured the incident at the bar bothered her. He planned on holding her all night and kissing her until she forgot about the *sshole.

Eva kept her eyes trained on the road, not sure what Adrian was saying. She was too busy pondering over the discovery and decision she made.

She was having an internal battle with her insecurities. Her head told her that it was abnormal for a human to claim to be in love with a person they met 2 weeks ago. But her heart told her it was true. What she felt for him wasn't a teenage crush, this was a soul-binding attraction.

Eva had forgiven him for his manipulation. She understood what mates meant to werewolves and that he lied to her because he needed reasons to stay in her life. She knew that the ogre would rather rip his own hand off than to hurt her.

If things went south in the future, she could always remove his mark and move on.

She shuddered at the thrill of excitement that ran through her.


Adrian watched Eva warily as they walked into the house. Her silence uneased him. He was beginning to wonder if he said or did something that bothered her.

She went upstairs. And he strolled into a bathroom.

When he made it upstairs, he found her on the bed in a tank top and long pajama bottoms. She was playing with the ends of her hair, using it as an excuse to avoid looking at him.

Adrian walked to his side of his bed and sat down. He rubbed his jaw, trying to think of what to say.

"If you're upset that I knocked him out, I'm sorry. I'll try to control how much force I use. He'll be fine though, I didn't hit him hard enough to cause any brain trauma" he spoke, staring at his fists with a frown. He wasn't very good at controlling strength when he was angry.

"What?" Eva blinked.

"The guy at the bar, I thought you got upset that I-"

Adrian grew even more confused when Eva jumped on him and silenced him with a very hot and very intimate kiss. Her tongue didn't hesitate to slip into his mouth.


Adrian was now both confused and horny as hell.

He reached out and pulled her to his lap. Her bottom was met with a hardened dick.

Eva surprised him when she slipped her hands under his shirt. She rested her palms on his flat stomach and purposely scratched his skin with her nails when she moved her hands up. Adrian grunted at the erotic sensation. Her touch sparked blinding tingles.

His heightened sense of smell once again exposed her desire. He could smell her wetness, just like he did back at the hotel.

He laid her on her back without separating their lips and settled his body on top of hers. Eva spread her legs apart, wanting to get closer.

She pulled away from his lips and directed her mouth to his jaw. Adrian closed his eyes, his heart rate drastically increased. He let out a hiss when he felt her warm tongue lick his adam's apple. The woman was playing with fire.

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