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(Up above is my oc in human form OK )

Close up the curtains and lock the door hurry !
Recap over

"Turn off the lights" raven said in a hush voice meaning to stay quite so I did *shatter* it sounds like someone broke the Window stay quite and get lazari OK you tiptoe to the top of the stairs to see the glass shard's On the floor you run to your old moms room to wake up lazari but instead you see her holding  the slendermans' hand you call her over but she said no you then hear noise in the kitchen you run down stars to see that a boy is knocked out in the floor while raven is in her human form . the boy has a mouth gard and two hatchets then the pain in my head like static it was getting louder but since you are half demon it doesn't hurt that much regular humans probably would have fainted but me and my friend are thank fully still OK I think I might faint well raven is scared out of her mind now she is in the corner " umm raven are you ok " "......" "Raven!?" " what? " "you are never like this why now " because I see zalgo out Side in the font I think he's looking at me " so he is your uncle right" yess but he wants to kill me for not being a bit more mean or cruel "  me the authors oc walked outside gave zalgo the finger * " why you little piece of shit don't disrespect me "  why not you that me and I hate you " " so just because I'm your uncle dosent mean I hate you I was going to pass the throne to you but no " " your just saying that cause you want me just for my power you bastard and you do hate
Me because you told me so you stupid ass son of a bitch !!"  "We looks like I have a bitch for a grand daughter you are just like your father pathetic!!" zalgo punched raven and she dogged it and raven gets a deep deep gash on her stomach due to zalgo and I passed out you ran to aid but you forgot about the guy on the floor started to wake so he hit you in the head super hard and knocked out last thing you heard before sweet calming blackness took over was your bff raven calling your name as Jay trying to find lazari but ran to assist you and raven

Timeskip(*_*) brought to you by a dancing slender in a toto\(^o^)/
Y/n POV (finally)
You woke up and see Jay asleep in the corner of the room and raven had bandages' s on her stomach and her black shirt up to her chest I jump of the bed and I started to regret it the pain in my head started to die down I see raven woke up to she seem to not likeing her shirt so high on her chess
I tried not to notice her blush if embarrassment under her mask  ohhh did I forget to say I have a mask on sorry I forgot plz for give me anyway I have a mask completely black except for my eyes they are white  and light read as a stream of tears and a clip on mouth half of the mask comes off to eat so no one can see my whole face and the mouth is a smile
" um raven " yeah " um how did we get here " *knock knock* " ah I see you are awake " start talking before I kill you "
"Okay you are at slendermansion!"

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