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Dear Smartasses,

I have four dogs, two puppies (yes I know those are dogs) three cats, two kittens (yes I know those are cats), two ferrets, two birds and a younger brother.

They're all rescues. And I have learned that you can not send a human to the pound.

My dogs names are:
Males: Fang, Iggy, and Gazzy (puppy)
Females: Nudge, Max, Angel (puppy)

Males: Hermes, Ares, and Apollo (Kitten)
Females: Aphrodite, and Artemis (Kitten)

One time, I woke up to Artemis trying to fit in my mouth. Sometimes I sleep with my mouth open and apparently she thought it would be a nice place to sleep.

Males: Yin, Yang

Male: Blu
Female: Jewel


Feeding time is CRAZY. Mitchell always gets in the way and once tried to eat the dogs food. I finally told him to go sit somewhere else. I'm going to look photos up online to see if I can find pictures that look a little like them.


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