I shook my head and swallowed hard, "I won't."

     He smirked, This was his favorite game. He dragged my up by my neck and backed me up into the wall of his personal training center, restraining my hands above my head with an athletic band attached to a bar high in the air. I fought back the tears, wanting to be stronger than he thought, last longer than he expected.

     I breathed hard through my nose and flinched when he got up in my face. He grabbed my jaw, forcing me to look him in the face, "Stupid Boy." I felt a punch him me in the gut and I groaned and doubled over.

     "What made you ever think you could take my spot as Alpha?" He chuckled darkly and his fist smashed against the side of my head.

     "No." I ground out, refusing to let any emotion find its way to my face.

     "You've gotten better, Boy. But I still know how to break you." He smirked.

     He dragged my mother into the room, fear written all over her bruised features. I pulled against the restraints, "No." I groaned, squeezing my eyes shut as he slammed her to the ground in front of me.

     "You may think just because you're sixteen that you're on top of the world, but just know that I will always know how to hurt you. Now be a good boy and open your eyes before I drive a knife through her heart." He didn't care about his mate, he only saw her as a item of release for his anger.

     My eyes opened and I swallowed the lump in my throat as tears threatened to brim my eyes. "Please don't hurt her... hurt me, not her."

     "I am hurting you, Boy. But the only way I can do that is through her." He smirked and closed his hand around her throat, choking her.

     As her strangled chokes filled the room I turned my head to the side, my arms jerking against the bands holding my wrists but it was in vain. "Stop!" I shouted, by voice coming out hoarse.

     He noticed and released her, I looked back to her but regretted it as I saw his fist hit her face and a snap could have heard as he broke her nose again, emitting a loud scream from her as blood pours down her face. She collapsed into a sitting posterior and held her face as sobs escaped her.

     "No, please! She did nothing wrong." I shouted as he continued his assault.

     Another crack filled the air and she choked on her sobs as he broke her leg with ease. She let out the loudest, most pain filled scream I had ever heard. "Percy! Make it stop!" She screamed, blood filling her mouth as Alpha smiles wickedly and shut her up with a kick to her head.

     I couldn't hold it in any longer and a sob escaped my lips and I wildly tried to wrench myself free to go protect her and comfort her, to stop asshole of a fathers assault. I turned away in an attempt to hide my tears but Alpha had already hear my sob and forced me to look him in the eye, as two men dragged my mother out of the room kicking and screaming with everything she had in her.

     "I knew you were unfit to be an alpha. Real men don't cry. If I ever see you cry again, I'll break you in ways you can't even imagine. You'll never be good enough, Boy."

     I nodded and tried to force myself to stop crying but my mothers beat up face kept flashing in my mind, "Yes, Alpha."

     "I'll come get you when I feel like it." With that, he left the room, slamming the door shut.

     I knew I was hyperventilating, I choked on my sobs as my breaths were too quick to keep up with the relentless and stupid tears falling from my green eyes. I would never be a good Alpha. I would never satisfy him.

     That night I vowed myself to never let myself cry again, to hide my emotions so no one can ever see how broken I really am. Real men don't cry. Real men hold themselves together. Real men aren't broken like me. I'll forever be unfit to lead.

     One think I knew I was never going to do was become my father. I knew I was never going to have a mate since I would be rejected for sure. No one wants a broken boy pretending to be a man. No one wants an imposter.

     That night while I was standing there, arms strung up, I cried for the last time, I let emotions run wild for the last time, I let my father effect me for the last time, and I let myself hoped for my father to change one last time.

     But from then on, I became stone cold. Because I was a failure, a disgrace, a mistake, and unfit to be an alpha. I was just a weak, pathetic boy.


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