Chapter 13: Lessons and Memories

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When Eve got out of bed, she looked around for some clue as to the time. Since coming to this place, she had realized the days must've been longer than her own, and thus gave up trying to differentiate individual hours. Nevertheless, she didn't even know if it was day or night.

She slipped on her sandals and smoothed her dress down. Eve opened her door and turned left to find Findekáno. With a small knock, she stood outside his door. It didn't take too long for him to open it. He smiled when he saw her.

"Awake at last?" He chuckled a bit and leaned in the doorframe. "Findo and his family are down at the beach. It's been hours."

"I hadn't slept well last night," she admitted, running a hand through her hair and not meeting his gaze. "Guess I was catching up."

"Understandable. We are just not used to an Elda sleeping as long as you," Findekáno explained. "Elves require minimal rest, and only after a hard ordeal do we sleep as you have been."

She scoffed and folded her arms. "Dying is a pretty big ordeal."

"Agreed," he admitted, raising his hands in a gesture of peace. "I did not mean to imply otherwise." He paused. "Did you wish to go down to the beaches again? They are dining down there for dinner."

She frowned to herself, thinking hard. Finally she shook her head. "Not really, and besides, you promised to explain names to me." She poked him in the arm.

"That I did. Very well." He left his room and closed the door. "But there is no reason we should miss the fading of Laurelin at Alqualondë while I tell you of such things."

They walked back to the balcony from the previous night. It remained empty, and Eve saw that the sky faded into silver darkness. Still, a golden light remained. Eve realized she had never seen the sun here.

"Where's the sun?" She turned to Findekáno as they sat on their chairs comfortably.

"Sun. I do not know this word," Findekáno said with a frown. "What does it mean?"

She frowned back at him. "The big glowy star that gives off light?"

"We do not have a "sun" as you say. Our light comes from the Two Trees, Laurelin and Telperion. They give off light each day, fading as the other increases." He smiled. "Nelyo and I enjoy visiting the Trees. Káno goes with us sometimes, too. Perhaps you would care to come?"

"Glowing trees?" Eve chuckled, falling into endless giggles. "Glowing trees? Yeah I've gotta see those."

Findekáno scoffed and rolled his eyes. "Trust me, they are beautiful. You will not be laughing when you see them."

She smirked and shrugged her shoulders. Without another word she adjusted her seat and watched him intently. He finally got the message and began his lesson.

"Names for elves are special. Each has significance. Each has a mother name and a father name." He paused. "Not all elves use both, for example I exclusively use my father name, Findekáno."

"Where I'm from, the parents choose a name together," Eve told him. "And then we have a surname, to tell what family we're from. Eve is my given name, and Gallowyn is my surname."

"I see!" He nodded and leaned in. "Elves can have more than just mother and father names. Nelyo for example. His father name is Nelyafinwë, his mother name is Maitimo, but he also has an Epessë, Russandol. That is the name he uses with friends."

"But you call him Nelyo?" Eve asked him quickly. "Why?"

"We are more like brothers than friends," Findekáno admitted. "Some of us who are cousins use our pet names. Name use changes based on who is speaking."

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