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(JJ's P.O.V)

It was June of 2013, which also meant that it was time for us to debut!

Holly Molly, I'm so nervous! It's my first stage ever! Well, it's our first stage since we're rookies.

We are performing our 2 songs, no more dreams and we are bulletproof pt. 2.

I took a look at my outfit, trying to make sure everything is in place so I wouldn't have to deal with any wardrobe malfunction while performing.

I took a look at my outfit, trying to make sure everything is in place so I wouldn't have to deal with any wardrobe malfunction while performing

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And yep, the outfit is really boy-ish. Oh well, what can you do when you're in a group full of 7 boys?

Speaking of which, let me introduce myself.

I'm Eun Jae, I'm 14 years old, which also means I'm the maknae of BTS. It took Jungkook a couple of weeks to get used to having a girl around, since he's a really shy person.

My stage name is JJ, it was BB at first, but I didn't want to be named after a makeup product -.-

"You nervous?" Someone asked.

I turn around to see our leader, Kim Namjoon, AKA Rap Monster, who was currently fixing his sunglasses that was somehow crooked on his face.

"Who isn't? I feel like I'm going to mess up really bad."

"Don't say that, you'll do great I promise," he said giving me a thumbs up and a light smile since he really rarely smiled.

We all get together and hold hands together and pray before we go on stage.

The stylists are doing a few touch ups before we go out and perform and I can see Jungkook's legs literally shaking from how nervous he was.

I held his hand and rubbed it with my thumb to calm him down, he blushed and showed me his adorable bunny smile and said, "Thanks JJ."

"No problem, don't be nervous. We have to get used to this since we might be performing a lot more in the future," I said while smiling.

Our makeup consisted of a lot of eyeliner on our water lines with some black eyeshadow to give us that "screw the rules" type of look. The eyeliner the makeup stylists applied on our eyes were waterproof since we will be sweating and can't be looking like a bunch of wild raccoons.

"Let's go!" Rap monster yelled enthusiastically while we all yelled back.

(Stage time!)

We are now on stage, the lights are dimmed but we can still see the small crowd cheering for us. We can't help but form small smiles on our faces since it was actually happening.

We performed the two songs perfectly, but I did trip during no more dreams, but thank god no one noticed since it wasn't a major trip where I fell off stage and broke my ankle or anything.

(After stage)

We walked off stage and the stylists rushed over and wiped our sweat off with a towel and handed us each a cold bottle of water.

Our managers and stylists all were clapping and cheering for us, which made me start to tear up.

"Don't cry~" V said while wrapping his hand around my shoulder and forming a smile on my face using his fingers.

I couldn't help but let out a giggle at his actions.

After a couple of hours, we headed back to our small, cramped dorm, to celebrate our first and successful stage.

What do y'all think? Should I continue this story?

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