Chapter 12

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(A/N: I've noticed that a lot of you think that a 15 year old with a 13 year old is weird yet you say you want Skylar with Taylor well he's 18 and sky is 15 so surely that is weirder?!)

I put my headphones in and drown out the repeating question in my head. I walk down to the middle floor of the house to the cupboard connecting to my dad's room. We have a spare room with a bed and a sofa bed in so we can easily move the mattresses to my room or downstairs. I gather up a lot of sheets and pillows and carry them to my room. Hayes laughs as I flop them all onto the floor, my hair flying in all different directions.

"Didn't you hear me struggling?" I snap jokingly. He doesn't respond, he just holds up the hairdryer in his hand and looks at me apologetically. He stands up and walks closer to me. He still towers over me, despite the fact that he is only 13.
"Let me make it up to you" he says getting closer. I stand up on my tip toes, expecting him to kiss me but he doesn't. He wraps his arms around me and hugs me tight, kissing my forehead. He finally lets go when there's a knock on the front door. We both sprint downstairs, racing each other to see who can reach the door first. Hayes wins. Surprise surprise. His legs are 5 times longer than mine (exaggerating obviously).

He opens the door as I trail behind to reveal Cameron, Nash, Carter, Shawn, Aaron, Jack, Jack, Matt and Amy. Cameron bursts through laughing at how out of breath we both are.

"What have you guys been doing?" He says wiggling his eyebrows
"2 flights of stairs" I huff out of breath
"You sure you're not taking advantage of my Haaas" Nash teases. What is it with these boys? It's like they can all read my mind.
"Oh shut up Nash" Hayes says shoving him "No one takes advantage of this hot piece of ass" he laughs. I roll my eyes and fight back a laugh.

"Can you guys help me move some mattresses?" I say changing the subject
"Sure" Jack G says flexing his muscles, laughing. I shake my head and lead them upstairs.

We manage to move the mattresses downstairs fairly quickly. We push the sofa back more to make space for them. We also move my double mattress and my dad's double bed as well. That's enough room for 8 people. I know Taylor has at least 2 spare mattresses, they have a spare bedroom as well and we can move his to my house.

After all the rearranging of furniture, we flop onto the floor, slightly out of breath. I didn't really do anything, I just tried to avoid Amy and Matt. I still can't believe that she wouldn't tell me something this major. But what would she say?
"Oh yeah, I'm dating the boy who cheated on you with me that I didn't really fancy, I just wanted him because you had him. Sorry I didn't tell you, must have just slipped my mind."

Yeah, as if she'd have the balls to do that. She always was a coward.

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