What You Should've Done

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She wanted you to see it like pipe leaks

When tears were streaming down her cheeks

They've been held there for a while

You should've said that it's okay to cry

She wanted you to see it like a crescent moon

Whenever her lips frowned because you left too soon

Life can't be full of full moons and twilights

You should've said that everything will be alright

She wanted you to see it like a mass of great destruction

When she cuts her skin for her demon's satisfaction

Her mind works non stop night and day

You should've held her tight and kissed her thoughts away

She wanted you to see it like her declaration of love for you

When she hung herself and did what she was afraid to do

Now she's out of here and you won't stop crying

You should've showed her you cared and stopped lying

You want me to see it as a declaration of love for her

Your slit wrists are causing your vision to blur

Your guilt is the reason for all this destruction

Now you are both happy in heaven

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