Chapter 1

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"Drink, Drink, Drink, Drink!" Everyone cheered me on as I had one last shot left. The birthday girl couldn't let everyone down. Besides, it was just one more, there was no harm in that.

With that thought, I grabbed the small shot glass and gulped the liquid down in one go and slammed down the shot glass on the table.

"YESSS GIRL!!" Someone shouted from the crowd.

"You go Jackie!" Another person cheered while slapping me on the back.

I was drunk and didn't even realise that there were so many people around me.

Just then someone took a seat beside me. I turned around to see the person who I'd come with to this club to celebrate my 18th birthday; my one and only best friend Mandy.

Mandy glared at me as she looked at what state I was in. She didn't say anything and got up. She pulled me up along her side as she squeezed me through the mass of people.

"Goodnight everyone and f*ck you all!" I shouted across the club.

Once we reached my car, I got my car keys and opened the door. I was about to enter the drivers side when the keys got snatched away from me.

"You're bloody drunk off your ass, don't you dare even think about driving yourself home in this state.." she said looking me up and down in disgust and anger.

She opened the passengers side and helped me in. She put on my seatbelt and went onto the drivers side and sat down. Once she drove off we were in silence as none of us spoke a word.

Mandy was definitely giving me the silent treatment, as always.

"Mandy! Don't be like that, you know I didn't mean to drink so much!" I whined like a kid.

"That's what you've been saying for the last 2 years Jackie!" She said in anger as we reached a traffic light stop.


"Why are you doing this to yourself Jackie? You're much more mature than this!" She said in a soft tone.

"Come on! I was only celebrating my birthday!" I moaned out. I looked outside to see we were near my house.

"By getting drunk off your ass. Why couldn't you just celebrate your birthday at home with your family like every other person does for goodness sake!" Mandy said in anger, not realising what she said.

"Yeah, why don't I do that eh?" I said sarcastically.

"Look Jackie I didn't mean it lik-"

"No you're right! I should've just stayed at home and celebrated my birthday with my family and then like always wait on my dad like an idiot and then cry myself to sleep. Yeah why don't I just do that!" I laughed at my own words.

"Look Jackie I-"

"Thanks for dropping me home..." I said and got out of her car. She tried to get out but I stopped her.

"Go home.." I said with a fake smile.


"I can manage. I'll just sleep on the couch." I could never climb the stairs in my drunk form.

She hesitated for a moment and then said

"Take care of yourself Jackie, I'll text you when I get home, night.." she got back into her car and drove off.

I got to my front door and started fumbling for the keys, not realising that the door had been opened. I looked up to see who it was.

I had to blink a few times as I thought for a moment that I must be dreaming or maybe I really was so drunk.

My dad stood there staring at me with cold eyes, like always.

However, in my drunk form I couldn't care less about his cold eyes.

"Daddy!" I screamed and put my arms around him. My dad had never embraced me in the 18 years I've lived. It was always me hugging him.

He stiffened as he stood there while I stayed in his embrace. I could feel the tears start to come as I thought of all the times he never showed up to any of my birthdays. This is the first birthday where I've seen my dad.

I could tell that he smelt he alcohol on me. "You've been drinking." He said with a tone I've never heard him use before.

I pulled out of the embrace and could feel the anger possess me as I thought of the way he treated me coldly all the time.

"So what if I've been drinking! It has nothing to do with you!" I said to him and tried to move away but he grabbed my arm and stopped me.

"Everything related to you has everything to do with me!" He said with cold eyes. So now he wanted something to do with me.

"So now you want to have something to do with me! All these years you never cared so I don't see why you should care now!" I said to his face in anger.

"That's enough! You don't know anything so don't you dare say a word!" He snapped at me as he looked at me in anger.

"Then tell me! Tell me why you hate me so much! Why I never received any love or affection from you! Why you never attended any of my birthdays since the day I was born!" I didn't realise how my cheeks were covered with tears.

"Every single birthday I've only ever wished for one thing! For my dad to love me! Is it really so hard to love me? Am I not worthy of it?" I broke down thinking of the cold treatment I've always received.

I looked up to see the expression on my dads face. I'd never seen him look at me with an expression like that before. He approached me and looked like he wanted to say something.

Just then my mum rushed down the stairs and took a hold of me.

"Let's get you to bed sweetie..." my mum helped me up the stairs leaving my dad stood there in the hallway.

My mum tucked me into bed and massaged my head. I slowly started to fall asleep and the last thing I remember saying is

'Why doesn't dad love me?'

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