First Meet

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Louis' POV

Great. My life is great, isn't it? Life is full of choices and we've to make our choice. Either you'll choose the one which is best for you or you'll choose the one which is best for the person you love. In both the way, it's difficult.

I chose to run away from the person I love the most in this entire world. You all will be thinking I should be some psychopath or something. Trust me, I've also asked the same question to myself.

But I didn't expect that will be leaving me like this. Here, again with the person, I loved the most, the person who understood me like no one else, the person who gave me the reason to live my life, the person who saved me from myself.

Harry Styles

After what I did, I never thought I would see him again but to my fortune, we are gonna study in the same college. Cool!

I roamed my entire day outside the campus because I don't know how to face him.

Harry is definitely changed and I know I'm the reason behind it.

Before he'll never be this quite, moody and rude. He can never be. That's the first thing attracted me when I first saw him.

I still remember the day I saw him. I was a kid who doesn't talk to everyone that much. But I like to watch every student at my school. Everyone has their own style and attitude.

I know it's creepy to watch people in school but I had no friends with me at that time. No one can blame me though. Shh! No one knows about it.

I don't know when I first met Harry but I do remember when Harry talked to me first...

I entered the hallway of my school and thought of the ways to skip my school but none of them will work. I started to walk towards my locker.

I kept my head low as I walked more. Students were rushing here and there with their friends.


Talking about them, I too have one or two but they're not the friends with whom you'll have friendship goals.

I came to school earlier today. I reached the locker and rested against it. I closed my eyes and breathe out deeply.

I decided to go to my first class but one voice stopped me. Just by hearing that voice for one second I know who it is.


My hobby of watching people in my school got more interested when Harry joined my school.

I don't know if he had noticed me. He's not popular or outgoing but he's the kind of person whom you desperately want to be friends with.

My breathing rate became uneven as he came near. He is talking with his friend and by his expression, I can clearly say he is annoyed by his friend, if I'm right, his friend's name is Micah.

"Can you please shut your mouth, Mic?" Harry asked as he rolled his eyes at whatever Micah is saying.

"Why can't you understand Haz? It's very clear!" Micah said with a pout.

Harry couldn't tolerate him anymore as he walked away from him and didn't see me standing there... BAAM!

I landed on the floor with my books scattered around me. When an awkward person like me fell down and the reaction of other students? Yeah, you guessed it right! Some laughed at me and went to their classes.



That unexpected voice came again. I looked up to see Harry's guilty expression. He crouched down and collected my books for me.

"I'm so sorry. I didn't see you standing." He gave my books as he got up and offered his hand for me. I took it and got up.

"Thanks.." I mumbled.

"By the way, we haven't been formally introduced, I'm Harry Styles." He said sheepishly and continued "You're Louis. Tomlinson, right?"

My little heart jumped inside me. He knows my freaking name!

"Yeah.." How much ever I tried to speak louder it all went in vain. I wonder if he heard it or not.

"We have the same classes together! Science and Maths. I'm not that good in both of these but I'm sure you are. 'Cause they'll say people who are silent are intelligent. I don't know if it's true or not but you're kinda different. Oh! I'm ranting so much!" Harry covered his mouth with his hands and giggled. He's so cute.

"You do talk so much and don't worry I like hearing your voice." Now it's my turn to close my mouth. He laughed a little as I blushed more.

"Will you take my advice?" I don't know how to respond so I nodded my head slowly.

"Talk often. Your voice is beautiful." He gave me a wide smile showing his cute dimples and went...

I didn't realise that I was standing outside my dorm room as I had my small flashback.

I closed my eyes and opened the door.

"I'll call you later, Z." Harry hushed and kept his phone under his pillow. He took a towel and went to the bathroom.


My eyes widen as I realise who 'Z' is.

Zayn Javadd!

Fuck! Zee! My freaking best friend! No, our freaking best friend. I don't know if he'll talk to me or not because of my stupid decision.

Harry is still talking with Zayn. Thank goodness, he still has a person whom he can talk his heart out.

Wait. I still care about Harry..?

You never stopped caring you fool!

Yeah, sometimes we can't accept what the heart says. The heart and the brain says different things. I followed what my brain said but my heart didn't stop hoping. Hoping that I would follow what it says.


Should I follow my brain or my heart...?

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