He's mine

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Tao's and Lay's POV
!!*spasm attack*!!

Did.. Am I imagining this?? Did he ask me out?? Omo.. Um..
Am I crying?
Oh I can't wait to tell Lay/Tao!^^

Tao's POV
Okay, after I was done having my moment in my head, I walked up to Kris and hugged him.


Kris pulled me back and kissed me hardly yet passionately on the lips. Of course I kissed back.

After we had our make out session we decided to head back to the nurses room to see that Suho is kissing Lay. We giggled and left them.

Lay's POV
I finished having my own little party and I nodded my head.

"Yes." I said softly. I think I'm blushing..><

"You're so cute Lay!" Suho blurted out. He widened his eyes and blushed also.

"So are you." I giggled softly as he came closer.

"Lay, can I..?" I nodded my head as he kept coming closer, then BOOM! He kissed me softly yet passionately on the lips. I knew I was beet red but I still kissed back. Suho is mine!^^ I heard some giggling but I decided to ignore it, this moment with Suho is rare and perfect!

He softly pulled back, coming back again to give me a little peck on the lips. "You're really mine." Suho whispered out. I hugged him.

"Of course. Always will be."

Suho's/Kris' POV

Chanyeols POV
Seems like Kris is dating Tao and Suho is dating Lay. But what happened? Last I heard, Suho and Tao were dating. Ugh. Whatever, as long as it's all fine now.

Aish, where's Baekhyun? He's late for lunch. I sent him a text.

From: Chan
To: My Love

'Baekkie, where are you? It's lunch but you're not here.'

About 10 minutes passed and Baekhyun still wasn't here and he never replied to my text. I was getting a little worried.


What if some guys were beating him up? Aish, this is bad!

I got up from my seat abruptly while the guys stopped and looked at me.

"Yo, are you okay?" Asked Kris. I shook my head.

"I'm worried for Baekhyun. He's not here and didn't reply to my text. What if he's getting beat up? Guys I'm scared!" All four them stood up and walked to me.

"Let's go find him." Said Lay with a determined voice.

No One's POV
The 5 guys spreaded out to look for Baekhyun.
Tao, and Kris.
Suho, Lay, and Chanyeol.
Taoris went to the second floor while Sulay, and Chanyeol went outside.

"Baek! Baekhyun, where are you?" Yelled Chanyeol desperately. Chanyeol wandered off by himself while SuLay went off in the other direction. They all looked but couldn't find him.

After 20 minutes of searching they all met up at the schools garden.

"Aish! Why does this school have to be so big!" Said Chanyeol.

"Oh! There's one more place." Added Tao.

Kris looked at Tao, "Where?" Tao pointed to the back. "Back of the school."

Chanyeol's eyes widened and he whimpered. He then ran. The 4 guys chased after him.

Baekhyun's POV
"Stop!" I moved back but my back hit the wall.

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