Leave This Place

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I want to leave this place so bad

Every aspect of this is making me mad

From people trying to change me

Why can't they just let me be ?

Everybody is talking too loud

Of their goodness they're proud

They won't speak about sins they've committed

Because they want to show how they're perfect and I'm crooked

I get it , I wouldn't like me either

But can't you at least be nicer ?

Those doubtful stares

And hateful glares

They make my anxiety stronger

And my demons louder

I don't want to exist in here

I want to die , just to be clear

But I'm here and I know you don't me to be

I want that too , why can't you see ?

I want to kill my soul and break my bones

I'll walk into the sea , body filled with stones

I'll find a new home , a place where I belong

Somewhere I won't be frail , but will be strong

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