Chapter 10

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Jake's POV:

         I woke up in the backseat of the truck leaning my head against the window. Lilly's head was resting on my lap and she was still asleep. "Good morning, Sleeping Beauty." my sister teased me. "Where are we?" I asked confused and tired. I turned back to see Chris, Kaitie, and John still following close behind us. "Almost in Tennessee." she said rubbing her eyes. To get to Tennessee from Gorgia she must have driven all night!

         "Do you want me to drive for a little so you can get some sleep?" I asked her and she giggled. "You wouldn't know where you're going. I don't use GPS." Right. I forgot about that. "We are almost there. There is a little town in Tennessee with a safe house mom and dad bought for us in case something like this happened. They got houses like these in 27 out of the 50 states and out of the country. I just never told you about them in case you ever wanted to run away." she stated passing a sign that signaled we were in Tennessee.

          We hit a bump and Lilly shot up. "What happened?!" she yelled tiredly. Must have had a bad dream. Who could blame her though? Her dad is trying to kill her and her whole family. "Nothing, princess. It was just a bump." she looked up at me with those beautiful eyes of hers and put her head back down. "Okay. I had a nightmare and my dad almost..." I stroked her hair with my hand. "Shh. Its okay." thats all I said because I didn't want to go through the whole emotional breakdown talking about her father. It would be very painful for her.

        "Jake?" she asked softly. "Can you promise me something?" even when she was a wreck with her curly hair everywhere and makeup smugded she looked amazing. "What is it?" I know whatever it is that she needs I will be there for her. "Promise you will never leave me. Don't go dieing on me. Please? I just need to hear you say it." Death is something out of my control but I will do everything I can to keep us both alive. "I promise as long as it means you are safe." I can't just let her get hit by a bullet. I would jump for it. Her beautiful smile spread across her face hearing my words.

         "Alright you two love birds, we're here." my sister called from the drivers seat. If Lilly's dad finds us here it will be a miracle. I swear if he lays one finger on Lilly I will pound his head into the floor so hard he will be unbrainwashed. Usually its the other way around, in normal families. Well we're spies what could I expect?

          We walked in the house and the girls claimed one room and us boys ran to the other room.There was a bunk bed and a full size bed. We all wanted the different beds so even though I was prepared to wrestle for the full size bed I didn't have to. We all know I would win anyway.

        I went to go check up on the girls. "Knock, knock. Can I come in?" I walked in not caring to know the answer to my question. "Yeah sure." Kaitie said as they all got settled into their rooms. "I believe I was about to introduce you to my sister before things got crazy." I said to Lilly. "I believe you were." she said looking towards Christina. "Imma go hang out with the boys by the lake." Kaitie said leaving the room. "Christina, this is my amazing girlfriend, Lilly. Lilly, this is my big sister, Christina." I said nervously hoping Christina would approve. "Hi. He brags about you a lot you know." Christina revealed. I gave her the 'evil eye'. "What? It's true." she stated. Lilly just giggled. "Hi. I know we spent a whole car ride together but it is nice to officially meet you." Lilly said laughing. "Same here." and that was the end of the conversation because just then I pulled Lilly out to the back and we sat by the lake with everyone.

         "I'm only a couple years older than you guys. I can hang out and be cool, too." Christina said walking outside and sitting with us. "Please.." I laughed and she acted hurt. "Well I guess I'll just leave you and let you figure out all the minor spy details by yourself then." she said walking towards us and sitting down. "I am so very sorry. You are the best big sister in the whole wide world."I said teasingly. I did need her though. She has been on multiple spy missions around the world and I could use her help. "Appology accepted, dork"she hissed.

            We were all talking and messing around when we heard a helicopter. "Quick get inside and shut the lights off." Christina whispered loud enough for all of us to hear. We dashed inside. Even though we don't know what the helicopter is for, we can't take any chances. "Everyone in the boy's room, now" Christina said with a fierce voice I've never heard out of her before. We all ran in the room and sat in places that were not visible from the window. I sat in the corner and Lilly sat next to me. I held her in my arms. "Jake, I'm scared." she whispered to me. Believe me, we all were. Even my highly trained sister. "Don't worry, everything is going to be okay." and then I heard the helicopter get closer and closer and I realized it was landing.

         John and Kaitie were whispering to each other on the other side of the room. We all knew we were too late. They saw us. "Lilly I need you to go in the closet and grab the blue dufffel bag. It has the weapons in it." she was small and closest so I needed her to do it. "What is everyones weapon of choice?" I asked as I got the bag. "Shotgun." Chris stated and I handed it to him. I have a couple different weapons. I also have a couple of each one. "Do you have a bow?" Lilly asked. "No. I have a crossbow though."I handed it to her. "This works." I did the same with everyone else. Kaitie took the hand gun. John took the knife and tranquilizer gun. I took the second shotgun. Christina took the second hand gun and a pocket knife.

           Flashlights shone in the windows. I got a good look at the helicopter and at the people. It was Lilly's father's agents. I knew because the helicopter had a symbol on it and Lilly's dad had the same symbol tatooed on the back of his neck. All the agents had the symbol on their uniforms. Another helicopter landed. Mr. Williams stepped out with 2 other guys. There were 7 agents in total. We were out numbered by one.

          "Its them." I said to everyone. They got their weapons ready and head out of the room. Everyone got in their postions and before I slid into my hiding zone I kissed Lilly quickly on the lips. "Lets teach these amateurs a lesson." I said not caring that we were in fact the amateurs. I will not let them hurt her. Ever.


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