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                                                                                        Phun's POV

It is way past midnight when we finally called it a night. Much of my friends were practically wasted that they had almost kissed the floor (I'm quite exaggerating here ^_^).I had to ask some staff from the restaurants to help carry these drunken idiots to their chariots (I mean taxi..;>) so they could safely go home. They all came here without their cars since they plan to get wasted (such smart idiots!!). Good thing tomorrow is a weekend then so most of them don't really have to go to work. As for me, don't worry I know my limits. I still haven't forgotten that I came here with my car. So unless I want the traffic police to arrest me and spend the night in jail, I need to be responsible with my alcohol. Plus hauling their heavy asses is more than enough for me to get sober.

I stood there in the parking lot with the Fi sprawling to the floor. A while ago, I answered a call for him since he is practically not in the state to answer anything. The person on the other line seems very worried about his friend right here.

"Fi is okay though he's very drunk right now. I don't think he can go home by himself". I gave him the address and hung up the phone.

Fi is still babbling about doing this get-together again, that we should always contact each other because we're supposed to be friends and friends should not just disappear from each other. Next thing I know he's throwing curses to a person Oil.." you're an asshole Oil..idiot..don't you dare look at her like that...what?!! I'm jealous?!!no way....get out of my sight....wait...don't go...(what the hell Fi? You're screwed big time my friend) I chuckled to myself.

Finally, a red Bently Bentayga pulled in front of us. A tall, quite muscular guy wearing a simple black tee and tight faded jeans came out. He's already smiling as he approaches us.

"I'm sorry 'P". I came as soon as possible", he said apologetically while giving me a wai. I gave a wai back and smiled to let him it's okay.

"By the way, I'm Oil". He offered his hands to me. His gaze then turns to the mumbling drunkard sprawled beside me. I caught a glimpse of that softness in his eyes while looking at my friend." Fi's boyfriend", he added proudly.

"Ohh..( I knew it, hehe)..I'm Ph---..."

"Phun", he blurted out before I could even finish. His smiling from ear to ear

"You know me?!" I was surprised to learn that.

"Yes, I knew all of Fi' s friends", his words swollen with pride. "Plus, you're a Phumipat"

"Right. Hehe...Well, I entrust him to you then," I help him get this drunken Fi unto his car. The bastard already had fallen asleep.

"Thank you so much.'P " He then turned to me. "We'll go ahead". I nodded and wave him goodbye as he gets on his car and drove away.

Traffic is still the same no matter the time of the day, but somehow it doesn't bother me. Back then, when I sent Noh home, I secretly wished for the traffic too last longer. Those silent moments where we just sit together at the back of the taxi are very precious. Me and Noh, time seems to stand still while he rests his sleepy head on my shoulder, our hands intertwined.

In some way, the bustling streetlights and the cars' honking help my mind ease a bit. Going home is not exactly what I have in mind right now. I am tired but I do not want to go home. The newlywed already left this morning for their honeymoon, so that leaves me and my parents in that house (except for Auntie Noi and the rest of the staff, of course)

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