Leo x Reader

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im given Leo some love cause i havent done him in a wial!


(y/n)'s P.O.V i was in my room listening to we R who we R and dancing witing for my friend Leo to get here for our space heros marathon! when i hered a tap on the window "hey Leo!" i said leting him in "got the snacks?" i asked "yeah you got the movies, right?" he asked "doi what do you think!" i asked as i held up 8 out of the 9 movies the 9th was just ralies so i have to beg my mom to get it for me "this is going to be so much fun he said as i put the movie in and sat next to him and pulled my blanket over the to of us. as the movie went on we would quot evry thin Capten Ryan said and then break out laughing. the creddits to the 8th movie rold on the screan as i started to get sleepy the blakness

__time skip to morning__

i woke up to the sulight not poring in my windos cause i had to pull the blineds so no one saw Leo. i went to get up but felt a strong pair of arms pull me back down "no... dont... go." wait is that LEO! "l-leo w-what are you s-still doing h-here" i asked my voice still evident of sleep "cuddleing with my space heros buddy and pluss its saterday your parents are leving on a biznest trip in 30 minets so we can hang all day." he said pulling me closere "f-fine just let me..." i started "what?" he asked "go pee." i said but the he frowned 'oh my god he wanted me to kiss him didn't he , why the shell not' i thoute as i kissed his cheak and got up and went to the bathroom

Leo's P.O.V

'she kissed me. She Kissed Me SHE KISSED ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im the luckeyst turtle alive beacusre thr most beautifal girl on the planet no scratch that in the gallexy no scratch that in the entier univers just kissed ME!!' i thought as i blushed like crazy!


hey Love's yes im back i know im not falowing my update scedual but i havent had time so im gonna make a new one and post it im not at my mos cause the roads are all icey so im just gonna binge on netflix and eat all day along with my other stuff!

BY LOVE'S ~ Marcellus

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