"Hello everybody!" I say into the camera, greeting my fans. "So on the last video I had you guys send me in some dares, and I'm going to do a couple of them. So the first one was to do something out of the ordinary, in public. so here I am in my local grocery store, " I have Alana move the camera to show where I was. "And I'm going to moonwalk down this crowded isle."

I go to the start of the isle and I start moon walking. I crash into a few people and some of them laugh, others gve me a death glare. Alana made her way through the isle filming me the whole way down. It was kind of a stupid dare, but all dares are stupid.

"Alright, how was that? I'm not very good, sorry." I say, once we had reached the end of the isle. Alana rubs her arm where someone must've elbowed her. "Okay the next dare, it's one that I've got many requests to do. It's definitely a fun one."

Alana and I walk out of the grocery store to my car, there I got on a beanie and some glasses. I run back into the grocery store with Alana following me.

I take a deep breath before proceeding. "What year is it?!" I scream at the nearest passerby.

"Um...2012?" They say, a bit startled at my sudden outburst. Or the fact that I look like a homeless person.

"IT WORKED!" I scream, running out.

Alana couldn't stop laughing, making me start laughing and eventuallly we had to close the camera.

"Oh my gosh. You don't even realize how excited I am for Disneyland tomorrow. Oh yeah, and graduation, but mostly Disneyland." Alana says. "I found the perfect hotel just right for our price range." We have been saving up for this since freshman year. This is always what we wanted to do, go to Disneyland for a week after we graduated. Finally, tomorrow we were graduating and we could be free!

"Oh yeah! I've got my money in a jar under my bed! I'll just have to tell Stevie." Stevie is my aunt, she is watching my brother, Judd, me while my parents are gone. They're authors so they travel around looking for inspiration. "Oh and my parents are making a small detour and they are going to try and make it to graduation!" I say as I start the engine and pull out of the parking lot.

"That's great! When was the last time you saw them, again?"

"Six months." I say, shrugging my shoulders

"How's Judd holding up?" Alana asks, referring to my little brother.

"He's doing better. Hey! He got an A on his science fair project!"

"The one we worked two hours on?"

"Ha yeah. I was pretty sure it was a fail of a volcano." I pull up in front of her house. "Hey I'm doing a twitcam later, you wanna come over?"

"If I can! I'll text you!" She shuts the door and scampers up her front steps.We've been best friends since birth, practically. We were, and still are, hooked at the hip.

I pull up in front of my house, sighing. I think about the homework that my teachers felt was necessary to give, the day before school got out. I grab my backpack off the flkoor by the passenger seat, and push open my door. After shutting it and locking my car, I trudge up the front steps, to my house.

"Stevie! I'm home!" I call as soon as I step in. "Wheres Judd?"

"Ooh ooh Presley come see this!" She calls from the kitchen. "Oh and he's at a friends house." The first thing I noticed when I walked in the kitchen was that there was flour, everywhere. Stevie's always trying to make food she sees on the Food Network.

"Voila! What do ya think?" She's holding a bowl of purplish pudding looking stuff.

"What is it?"

"It's...I don't know but it looks good." She gets a spoon and puts some in her mouth. She chews then makes a disgusted face, and she spits it out in the sink. "I'm sorry, that was supposed to be for dinner. I guess we'll just have to order take-out...like we do every night." I laugh and make my way to my room.

I flop onto my bed and get my laptop. I plug in my video camera and upload the video from today onto YouTube. I log onto twitter and attempt to follow all my followers. I got a text from Alana saying she had to help her mom with dinner, which means I have to do the twitcam by myself.

@presleydavis27 Gonna do a twitcam, send in some questions!

I post the link and turn my webcam on. I start to read a few of the tweets that some people sent in.

"From @Yourmom: What's your favorite dare that you've done? One time someone dared me to scare tourists so Alana and I bought goldfish and walked up to the tourists, saying "Here!" And then we would run away. One time a tourist ran after us, saying "We no want fish!" I say, recalling that day.

"From @1D_Nina: Who's your favorite member in One Direction? Hm, I never listen to them but they're amazing. They're all cute but I like the curly haired one. Harry." I say, mostly because he's the only one I remember. "Okay next question from @comeatmebro You and Harry should- Whoa. That's inappropriate. I'm not gonna read that one."

I do a couple more questions then I turn it off when I hear Stevie calling me for dinner.

Harrys P.O.V.

Sometimes I really hate haters. I shouldn't, I mean I should be used to them by now but I'm not. The only thing that gets me through the day is these videos. I read once that laughter can cure anything, so when I found videos of a funny girl on YouTube, I took that as a "sign".

As weird as it seems, I can't get her off my mind, and I don't even know her. My phone sends me a notification, telling me that she's doing a twitcam. I quickly unlock my phone, pluggng in my headphones and press the link


"From @1D_Nina: Who's your favorite member in One Direction? Hmm I never listen to them but they're amazing. They're all cute but I like the curly haired one. Harry. Okay next question from @comeatmebro You and Harry should- Whoa. That's inappropriate. I'm not gonna read that one."

My breath catches in my throat. Did she just say I was her favorite? I have been trying to get her attention on twitter for the past couple of days, but she hasn't said anything. Yet I'm her favorite. I must have shrieked or something because next thing I know, Louis is behind me, watching her twitcam.

"Who is that?" He asks.

"No one. Just this girl I watch on YouTube." I say, before quickly ripping out my headphones and locking my phone.

"Whatever Harry, I know you're in loove with this girl. You watch her videos all the time, not to mention you tweet her like, everyday." He says, before realization hits his face. "Are you stalking the poor girl Harry?"

"No! I'm just a really big fan!" I say too quickly. Man, I sound like a girl.

"Sure Styles."

I got a notification on my twitter saying: @presleydavis27 EEP! Going to Disneyland in two days!

My mouth pulls into a smirk. This is my one big chance to finally meet her. We're in california right now, why not have a little fun? I shove my phone into my pocket, before striding into the other room where the boys are. "I have a great idea for what we should do while on our break." I say, catching Louis' eye, I know he knows what I'm doing.

I'm not a stalker...am I?


I've never had so much fun writing a chapter before. Hope you're enjoying it so far! Feedback would be awesome! (: