Chapter 20: Doubts

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“You didn’t give me much choice Gordon. You told me moments before meeting your parents that they didn’t know of me. What was I supposed to do? Hide my entire stay here? Highly unlikely. I had no other options to come up with in such a short amount of time. Can we discuss this more later? I’m so exhausted.” She yawned and fell asleep almost immediately.



I felt so guilty for backing her into this corner. I need to be less selfish. If I would’ve just told my parents before hand none of this would’ve happened! Shaking my head at myself I picked her up and carried her inside.




I need to be a better son, friend, and man.







Chapter 20:



Isis’ POV:



I felt dizzy and disoriented. I really shouldn’t have done that. I felt awful! Gordon had left a few minutes ago, thinking I was sleeping. I wanted to sleep, desperately so, but the chills that wracked my body prevented it. I could almost still feel that evil engulfing my entire being. Like being dipped slowly in thick tar. It was excruciating and I’ve never felt so alone!



I curled over to my side and hugged my knees to my chest trying to feel more warmth. The entire core of my body felt freezing. It took a lot of my energy to expel the black evil from me after I used it on his parents. That’s why genies that wanted to stay good, never messed with it. It was just too dangerous. It took everything I had in me to pull out of that abyss. I wouldn’t have been able to if it weren’t for Gordon’s voice. It was so strange. Just when I felt my head slipped under the thick evil mess that was taking over; his voice basically pulled me clean out of the muck.



‘Isis?’ I looked over and saw Hazam and Lily sitting near the bed looking at me. I sniffed and then projected what had happened in the past day. I heard him hiss in response, knowing full well he was angry. ‘Are you insane?! Did you even think about what would happen if you couldn’t pull out of that dark state?!’ he all but yelled in my head. I winced but understood he was just worried. Both him and Lily hopped up on my bed to comfort me.



“Since when do you like hanging out with Lily?” I asked Hazam with an eyebrow raised. He huffed, obviously annoyed with my change of subject. ‘She’s not so bad when she isn’t trying to lick you all the time.’ He said reluctantly. It made me laugh slightly. Lily padded up to my face and licked my cheek making me giggle.

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