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Chapter Thirty Eight- Big Girls Don't Cry

I woke up to the sunlight streaming through the windows; bringing unnecessary amounts of light into the room. My legs were tangled up in the green sheets as I sat up and wrapped my arms around my legs. I heard the birds singing while the wind gently brushed against the glass, like nothing was wrong. I ran my hand through my messy bangs and stared at the foot of the bed, noticing immediately what was missing from the room. Timber wasn't lying down with his head resting between his paws, and I automatically replayed last night in my head.

I sighed as I opened the front door to the house. I looked around to see that the only lights that were on were in the kitchen and the lamp in Tom's office. I heard Lily giggling from the kitchen. I placed my purse on the side table as I cautiously walked into the kitchen.


Lily was sitting at the table with white icing covering her nose as Tom leaned over her. "Mummy!" She shouted as she jumped down from the chair and ran over to me.


I bent down as she barreled into me, "Where have you been all day?"


I looked up at Tom, to see that he was ignoring us, as he cleaned his hands on a hand towel. "I had to go visit someone," I lied as she looked up at me, with vanilla icing covering her rosy cheeks. "Did you have a fun day with Daddy?"


She swayed from side to side, "Uh huh, we went to the park, and played games, and made cookies, and-"


"Well that makes sense then" I laughed as I wiped off the icing from her nose and licked it off my finger. She giggled and was about to start talking when Tom interrupted her.


"Koala, why don't you finish off the icing while Mummy and I talk?"


She looked back at him and shrugged before looking back at me, "Alright, but you will eat one right Mummy, because I made them all by myself and-"


Tom coughed and Lily rolled her eyes, "Well Daddy helped a little, but-"


"Lil I promise" I laughed, and she nodded, smiling, before skipping back over to the kitchen table. Tom nodded for the other room and I took a deep breath as I turned and walked out of the kitchen.


Tom lead me into his office, closed the door behind us, and walked over to his desk before he leaned on it and looked at me. Suddenly I wished Lily was still in the room.


"I...I...what did you want to talk about?" I sighed nervously and crossed my arms over my abdomen holding my stomach together, for it felt like I was about to be sick.

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