Chapter 12: Many Meetings

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Chapter dedicated to: ThatOneWriter2001

Chapter Twelve

As they prepared to return for lunch, Eve found herself drifting towards a bench on the docks. All around her the market bustled with activity. Findekáno and Findaráto bargained with a merchant for fancy breads. Eve decided to stay put and not get into trouble. That tended to be her motto: stay safe and stay smart. She only let her guard down once and awhile, one of those being the night she died. This certainly didn't add to her desire to go crazy. And so she sat listening to the waves and the chatter around her.

A tiny voice floated her way. "Hello!"

Eve looked to her left and smiled wide. A little girl, no more than two feet tall, stood next to her. The girl's dark hair went down to her waist. She scrambled up to sit on the bench next to Eve.

"Hi there," Eve said, laughing a little. "What's your name?"

"Tindalma," squeaked the child. "What's yours?"

She smiled. "Eve."

"You have strange hair." Tindalma stared at Eve, trying to figure the woman out. "Like Prince Nel'finwë. But also a strange name."

Eve didn't mean to blush, but she did. Her cheeks grew red as she tried to think of an answer. She recalled what the story was supposed to be. "I'm Lady Nerdanel's cousin, visiting here."

Tindalma shrugged. "Okay."

Findekáno and Findaráto, apparently finished with their shopping, walked over to them and smiled at the girl.

"Prince Findar'to," the girl stood from the bench and bowed. "It is an honor."

"Thank you," Findaráto chuckled. "Where are you parents?"

The girl shrugged. "I do not know. Somewhere buying fish."

They all turned as they heard someone calling the girl's name. A man rushed over, his hair to his shoulders, silver and wavy. His fair skin had become tanned likely from days near the sea. He skidded to a halt when he saw Tindalma with the royals.

"Prince Findaráto, Prince Findekáno," he huffed, catching his breath. "I trust my daughter did not cause you trouble."

"Not at all," Findaráto assured him. "She is very kind."

"Thank you for staying with her," the father added quickly. "Come, Tindalma. We have to keep moving."

Tindalma nodded to her father and bid farewell to the princes. Last of all she turned to Eve. "Goodbye, Lady Eve."

"Bye!" Eve added as they began to walk away. She noticed the elf glance back in surprise at his daughter's choice of words, obviously realizing Eve was not a Quenya name. But he merely smiled and turned away. Eve turned back to the princes. "Are we ready?"

They nodded. Findekáno offered her a hand off the bench and she took it. They began the trek up to the palace immediately, Findaráto carrying several loaves of bread and Findekáno two bouquets, one of lilies and one of white roses. Eve felt useless. When at last they reached the wooden doors of the palace, she insisted Finno let her carry some of the flowers.

"Gimme the roses," she muttered, grabbing them from his hands. "Come on."

He looked at her quizzically. "Why?"

With a dramatic roll of her eyes, Eve hissed back her answer quietly. "So I can do something."

"You do not need to do anything," Findekáno objected. He rolled his eyes when she scowled. "Why must you carry something?"

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