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Oliver's P.O.V.

I sat there on the couch waiting until James and I heard a knock at the door, we both looked at each other and James pushed me towards the door. I fixed my hair and opened the door, there stood a beautiful girl with Blue hair and a nose piercing, That must be Jessica.

"Hi, I'm Jessica Blaine" She said in a sweet French accent.

"Yes, I know. And wheres you lady friend?" I asked, I saw no one next to her.

"Oh! Shes right behind me, Oliver meet Elisia Baudelie." She said.

Jessica moved and I gasped, It was the girl I saw about a month ago....my Dream Girl.

"Uhh hi, Elisia. Come on in" I said still not taking my eyes off her.

"sure" she said quietly.

I opened the door all the way to let the girls in. James greeted Jessica with a hug.

"Jess! Its fantastic to see you! And this is your Lady friend! Whats your name beautiful?" My brother asked. I rolled my eyes.

"Elisia Baudelie." She said quietly.

"Oi! James could I speak to you in my room?" I asked dragging him into my room.

"Um Ollie! Whats your problem?!" He asked while drinking some wine.

"My problem is, is that, that Girl out there! Is the girl I saw one month ago at that stoplight!" I said pointing outside. James gasp and laughed.

"I guess its fate then! Now can you lighten up and stop being such an arse! Okaay?! Now, lets go out there and impress some hot girls." He said. I rolled my eyes and went back outside.

"Oh James I love ze furniture" Jessica said in her accent.

"oh thank you Jess! Ollie got it from Italy." He lied, we got that at a thrift store....in Italy.

"Ohhh Oliver you have good taste. it sorta reminds me of home." She said.

"And where exactly is that?" I asked.

"France of course! I came here when I was 18 to Go to oxford! Only about a month ago, Elisia here came to my dorm." She said pointing to the girl who seemed to be examining the kitchen.

"So, Elisia Where are you from?" I asked trying to start up a conversation.

"huh, oh! I came from America! I got accepted to Oxford so I got a free plane ride to England." She explained.

"Ollie here likes Americans, he just recently broke up with his 4 year Girlfriend." James pointed out.

I rolled my eyes. "Yea, she was a complete nutter!" I said. Everyone laughed.

"Well no more chitchat!! Lets go clubbing!!!" James yelled, and everyone cheered.


Elisia's P.O.V.

We finally arrived at the club which was very busy and filled with girls grinding boys. I felt a little uncomfortable. I walked over to the Bar leaving James and Oliver with Jess. I couldn't drink so I just sat there watching others dance. I felt someone tap on my shoulder, it was Oliver.

"Oh..hi!" I said, smiling.

"why aren't you dancing?" He asked sitting next to me.

"well, I'm a very fun person but I dont feel comfortable here and I'm not even old enough to drink!." I said looking around.

"you allowed to drink at your age here!, SO how about you and me dance? I wont bite!" he said, I laughed and nodded.

He bought be a COUPLE of drink (5) and started dancing to the loud techno music. I actually was dancing like a maniac, I then realised that I was drunk! And I think Ollie was too. He was dancing all over me.

We were laughing like crazy maniacs. That's when He then stopped, I stopped too and looked up at him he smiled and his face got closer to mine. My heart stopped as i felt hi breathe on my face, it smelled like mint and ginger. I felt comfortable so I pulled him closer and there, we kissed and for a while too. As the wizards would say.....we snogged :)

Jessica's P.O.V.

James and I were dancing, like grinding dancing! I know I'm from France I should be all classy, But I couldn't resist James. He then pulled me close to him (if that's even possible) And pushed my lips against his, I didn't stop him, I actually kissed back, we stood there making out in the middle of the dance floor. I felt satisfied, I stopped and looked over at Elisia. She was making out with Oliver too. Me and James laughed and continued our make out session.

After that we all got into the car and drove only 2 minute to their apartment, We all got inside laughing and again started making out. Ollie pushed Elisia into his room, That's the last time I saw them for the night. James then pushed me into his room. I then blacked out.

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