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1st placeAstronomicon Icarus

1st place
Astronomicon Icarus

2nd place

3rd place
Phrases and Vignettes: Loving the Towers

3rd placePhrases and Vignettes: Loving the Towers

Astronomicon: Icarus by Astronomicon

Phrases and Vignettes : Loving the Towers by CarrieGChandlerUniqueness of Plot: 3/5There were quite a few cliche moments but the scientific and psychological elements help to battle this to some extent

Phrases and Vignettes : Loving the Towers by CarrieGChandler
Uniqueness of Plot: 3/5
There were quite a few cliche moments but the scientific and psychological elements help to battle this to some extent. 
Grammar: 4/5
In general the grammar was pretty good with only a couple of mistakes.
Engagement: 2/5
A lot of chapters were similar and the romance just developed too quickly, so I found myself becoming disengaged pretty quickly.
Writing Style: 4/5
In general your writing style is pretty good but there are some unprofessional elements usually concerning brackets that you might need to work on.
Flow: 2/5
The story didn't flow very well, to be honest. The romance just developed too quickly- quicker then the character development itself- and therefore it was difficult to form a connection to the couple. You need to space the relationship out a bit more and not have as many repetitive chapters.
Total: 15/25

Astronomicon: Icarus  by Astronomicon
Uniqueness of Plot: 3/5
Whilst there are certain unique aspects to the plot there are a lot of typical sci-fi space expedition events, which is fine but obviously isn't the most original.
Grammar: 4/5
There are a few grammatical mistakes but overall there are no real problems here.
Engagement: 5/5
The chapters are short but detailed and therefore keep the reader's attention very well. The plot forms at a good pace and the build up is pretty interesting in itself. 
Writing Style: 5/5
The writing style is engaging because it's not too dense but has a good amount of detail involved. There is a good amount of character development and action involved but it's not overdone.
Flow: 5/5
The plot is developed at a good pace that therefore makes the entire story flow pretty well.
Total: 22/25

Serenade by JJRothschild
Uniqueness of Plot: 3/5
There are quite a few cliches here with the whole human soulmate thing, but there are certain elements such as the 'Sires' and even the stages of 'Nook's' growing up that make the book stand out from other similar novels.
Grammar: 4/5
Apart from a few mistakes the grammar is pretty good here.
Engagement: 3/5
The writing style and short chapters are engaging but only to a point- the description of 'Nook's' early years drags on a bit and can disengage the reader.
Writing Style: 5/5
The character development and setting description has a lot of details despite of the easy-to-read short chapters, and therefore shows that the writing style is really good as it's engaging but descriptive.
Flow: 4/5
In general the story flows quite well, but the slow pace of the early years of 'Nook's' life lets it down unfortunately.
Total: 19/25

 Total: 19/25

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