1 | The first day

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'Sometimes what you're looking for comes around when you aren't looking.'

Annie Leblanc
"We're here! Welcome to college, Annie." My mom says as she pulls up to 'Attaway High College'

"I'm going to miss you both." I say, trying my best to give my mom and my sister hugs while in a car.

I step out of the car with my mini suitcase and look up at the big letters that spell Attaway. "Inhale......exhale. C'mon Annie, you'll do great. Well at least good." I whisper to myself as I start to walk in the doors.

I walk in and it's absolutely crowded in the foyer. People wanting to join clubs or get to their dorms.

I go in line to get my dorm room number and I at least have to wait 10-15 minutes in line but I finally got it.

"Number 57... Where is that?" I question myself. I walk back to the lady at the booth who gave me my room number. "Um Excuse me." I say, trying to be as polite as I can. "Yes, May u help you?" She asks, punching holes in papers and tickets.

"I'm room number 57 but I don't know how to get there." I shrug. "Hmm." She whispers, looking around. "Hayden!" She shouts to the boy beside her.

He walks over to us. He looked as if he were 1 or 2 years older than me. He had sparking hazel eyes and deep brown chestnut hair. He wore a cap on his head. I don't know why but it looked nice. His lips sent a shiver down my spine as he licked them and walked over.

"What do you need?" He asks the lady at the booth. "Do you mind helping... Uh what's your name?" She asks. "Annie." I say, probably letting out a light pink blush on my cheeks.
"Yeah, could you help her get to her dorm room?" She asks Hayden. "Yeah sure." Hayden nods.

He begins walking and I walk beside him. "So your name is Annie? It's a nice name." He smiles. "Thank you. But my actual name is Julianna but I go by Annie for short." I say, still blushing at the fact of how handsome he looked.

We had one of those awkward silence moments. Which I hate having those because you get choked up and you have absolutely no idea what to say.

"Um. So your room 57, am I correct?" He questions. "Yes." I reply, nodding."
"My dorm room is 62 so we're pretty close." He smiles and I smile back.

We continue walking for another 5 minutes until we reach my room. "I guess I'll see you around?" He says, rubbing his arm. "Yes! I-Uh mean Yeah sure." I chuckle. He then walks down the hall to his room.

I open my room to see a girl with light brown hair and tanned skin making her bed. She hears me open the door and spins around. "Hi! You must be my room mate." She says, going in to shake my hand. I shake her hand and put my duffle bag and suitcase on my bed.

"I'm Mackenzie but I go by Kenzie." She giggles. "Oh I'm Julianna but I go by Annie for short." I say, puffing.

"So... have you met any cute boys yet?" Kenzie smirks. "Yeah I have but I'm not the biggest fan of having a boyfriend..." I say while shrugging. "Oh are you-" She says until I interrupt her. "No I'm not. I like boys but I'm kind of afraid of love... like my family is so hard on me and if I have a boyfriend they will sure kick me out." I say, putting my hand on my forehead in frustration.

"Well Annie, your here for a few years and you can only visit your parents. This is your private life for a while so you can date anyone." Kenzie says, opening her arms.

"Hmm I guess you're right. Have you met Annie boys yet?" I chuckle. "I'm totally falling for "the bad boy" of the college." Kenzie says, making air quotations. "The bad boy? What's his name?" I ask. "His name is Johnny Orlando. When I walked in everyone was talking about him as he walked by. I almost fainted. He looked so perfect. His hair, his eyes and that body." Kenzie says, drooling.

"Sorry to ruin your fantasy but you're drooling all over your pillow." I chuckle. "What?!" She snaps out of her little day dream and flips her pillow.

"Why don't we go down to the coffee shop? It's not very popular so it shouldn't be busy." Kenzie offers. "Of course." I smile, grabbing my purse and we head out the door.

Hayden Summerall
Carson, Johnny and I take our seats in the cafe with our coffees. We wanted to get to know each other so this was the way we went.

We were happily talking until I see her. The girl Who needed me to help her. She had the most gorgeous chocolate brown eyes and her hair was a dark brown shade with blonde highlights and tips. "Guys, that's the girl I was talking about." I point at her. "Woah who is her friend?" Johnny asks, biting his lip.

I punch Johnny in the arm and Annie turns around and catches me staring. She waves at me and blushes a little. I decided make hand gestures to see if she wanted to sit with Carson, Johnny and I. Annie talks to the girl beside her and they walk over to us. "H-Hey." Annie awkwardly smiles. I pat the seat next to me and she sits down with her friend. "So who are you girls?" Carson asks. "Oh I'm Kenzie and this is Annie." Kenzie says, blushing. I see Johnny and Kenzie staring at each other, winking and blushing. "Well they already like each other." Carson chuckles.

We end up talking for about an hour and Annie and I have gotten to know each other really well. "Well we Bette get going." Annie smiles. "Before you leave I want to give you this." I say, taking out a piece of paper with my number on it. She smiles as she leaves the cafe with Kenzie.

A/N: The first chapter is complete! I really hope you enjoy this story like I do :)

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