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Dahvie Vanity's Long Lost Daughter

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I woke up to my mother yelling on the phone.. There was a lot of cursing so I knew I would be blamed by my step-father. Everytime my mother got upset later on he would beat me, or he would just do it because she was gone. My mom hung up the phone and left with the keys, I then heard the footsteps that haunted me. Bill was coming to give me my daily beating. I prepared myself for the worst, he banged open my door and pushed my to the ground. I didn't dare cry or move, he started kicking my ribs til we both heard a snap and I whimpered in pain. This only made him more upset, he got ontop of me and started to punch me repeatingly. Just as he was about to take my innocence away my mom burst through the door. He looked towards her with a look of sorrow. But she just took myhand and led me to the car. We were driving a long while... But we finally made it to a house down in Arizona, I was still naked as well.

My mother wrapped her coat around me, it was night time and I was naked...not a good mix. We walked up the porch to the door where my mother rang the doorbell. Some an opened the door and I immediately recgonized him as Dahvie Vanity! Wait why are we here? Anyways...he opened up the door and as soon as my mother saw him she bursted into tears. He ran out of the house and pulled her into a long loving hug, mumuring how he missed her. Suddenly he glanced over at me, he gave my mother a confused glance. "David... This is our daughter, I am so sorr to shock you with this but I found my husband beating her and trying to rape he. I didn't know where else to go, please forgive me with this apperence." My mother blurted as she started crying again, I let a single tear drop but as soon as it came- it was gone.

"You're my daughter?" Dahvie asked, or should I say 'dad'. "I had no idea, honest to god, but I guess so. Ha-ha, you are my idol..." I mumbled the last part but he heard, damn does he have bionic ears or something? Surprisingly he came and gave me a huge hug.

You are probably wondering how a seventeen year old is his daughter, right? Well my mom had 'ehemm' with him at fifeteen whilst he was my age. As soon as she turned sixteen I was born, she stopped communicating with him I guess, and our family was disgusted and left us on our own. The result was my mom marrying that wealthy bastard. (A/N Dahvie is in his 30's for this story, but Jayy is the still at 21!)

Dahvie stopped hugging me, but I honestly didn't want him to stop, I felt loved... As soon as the hug ended the door creaked open as a sex god came out, aka Jayy Von Monroe. His hair was all messy and he was only in black skinny jeans, no shirt. I swear if it was another day I would have raped that boy."Dahvie who are they?" Jayy asked staring at my mother and I. My 'father' I guess answered, "This is an old friend-" he was quickly cut off by Jayy saying, "Or lover?" god that boy's smirk could make any girl swoon over him. "Well..kinda, this girl over here is my daughter, I guess." Dahvie or dad finished.

"Why is she naked?" Jayy asked with a confused look, I immediately blushed where as tomatos were jealous. "Apparently Mariah, her mother, husband beating her and trying to uhm..rape her," dad looked like he was about to break down, but my mom beat him to it. Jayy looke at me with a sympathetic smile, but came over and hugged me.

"You girls are staying with us, now get inside, Jayy grab some of Sally's old clothes." Jayy instantly followed my fathers instructions. Not but minutes later Jayy was back with some clothes, black skinny jeans and a Blood On The Dance Floor shirt that said 'Scream For My Ice Cream' wow. I swear band guys are so cocky considering the look on Jayys' face.

This was an amazing day for me, well besides getting near raped... I soon decided to head to bed as my mom prepared for the court to get a divorce, she will need me for the other case in about a week for child abuse... Hopefully my bruises will be fine enough for him to go to jail.

I soon woke up screaming, another nightmare. It was now four am apparently my scream woke everyone up since they ran into my room scared. Jayy ran to my side and hugged me as I cried into his shoulder. I couldn't help myself, my mom didn't know, no one did. I am not innocent, I have been sexually harassed by kids at school, they didn't rape me but touched me... I eventually stopped crying enough to realize dad and mom left already. It was only Jayy and myself. "Want to tell me what happened or do want want to wait?" Jayy asked pulling the covers over me and snaking himself in holding me close to him by the waist.

" at school would touch me sexually, they never raped me, but did fingering," I shivered at the memory, they told me to not scream and put a blade to my throat... I didn't mention that, I have to wait to tell I'm just not ready. Jayy pulled me closer and kissed my cheek loosening his grip and trying to leave, "No...I mean please stay, for the night?" He smiled at me, a genuine smile, no cocky smirk. He slowly slipped under the covers with me. I think I am slowly falling in love with non other than, Jayy Von Fucking Monroe. I never expected this to happen, my life has never been all that well till now, I mean he would never love me, he is gay. But my heart beats for him. I feel safe with him, his arms are my castle.

I am lovestruck for this man, Jayy is now my key for living. There is no way to change that...


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