opposites attract

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(A/N so i decided to go for a sweet pea book because i've been having some ideas with it butttt i really want Elizabeth gillies to be with sweet pea i dunno what it is i just picture them together but i also pictured her with Fp she gives that badass vibe just so no one gets confused these are completely different books and are no way linked to each other but you can replace Elizabeth with anyone you would like hope you understand and thank you for reading )

Celestia walker was just a normal northsider until she found out the truth of her family history and it wasn't what she was expecting in the slightest...celestia was the sort of girl who was ahead in almost all of her classes and was a grade A student yet she managed to keep her own little secret 

it was just after school when Celestia was headed to her house to run some errands before having to check her phone due to it violently vibrating to her surprise it was her 'sweet secret' she answered the phone and put it to her ear "hey whats up how was your day " she could hardly contain her smile when she spoke to him 

he replied with a "i feel like i haven't seen you in so long and i missed your voice a little too much"  biting his lip on the other side of the line "it was literally a day or two ago you can't of missed me that much" while a small giggle escaped her lips "well i mean you could come see me tonight if you miss me that much but it would mean sneaking through my win-" " give me a time and i'll be there cutie" she thought for a few seconds and came back with "hmmm well i'm usually curled up in bed watching stranger things and nightmare on elm street franchise by 10 at the latest but before that i'd be showering" a smirk appearing on her lips his jaw dropped on his side but he quickly composed himself and said "well i'll be around about 9:45 hoping your almost ready by that time" a laugh emerging from him "well i guess i'll see you tonight my sweetest" "i can't wait to see you my other half " this made Celestia feel all warm inside he had never said anything like that before and they both hung up the phone the girl soon realised she had been on the phone so long she had already walked home 

when she opened the door she was greeted by her bear of a dog 'fang' she bent down to stroke the dog and he licked her face in the process she playfully wrestled with him before getting up and straightening herself out 

being met with her mothers eyes and saying "hey mom how are you doing" her mother then replied with "hi sweetie im good thank you just sorting out some work arrangements the normal sort of thing" "ohhh right so whats for dinner " in which the olde...

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being met with her mothers eyes and saying "hey mom how are you doing" her mother then replied with "hi sweetie im good thank you just sorting out some work arrangements the normal sort of thing" "ohhh right so whats for dinner " in which the older walker replied "i was thinking pops because i don't really have time to cook sorry" looking at her daughter with an apologetic look the girl looked back unfazed "no no its fine i'll get it when you want me to " with a smile on her face she knew she could get her love something because she knew he wouldn't have eaten 

it was a little later and Celestia had just arrived back home with the order she was told to go and fetch but made sure to get her 'little secret' his favourite even if she got a strange look from her mother for having an extra milkshake the girl then went on to say "i have quite a few assignments to get on with but thanks for getting my dinner " and heading upstairs to shower she set the two meals on her bed and headed to her en suite and let the water wash away all the dirt and sweat from that day when she got out she draped a soft towel around her body and walked out to her room to be met by her dog who was sat staring at her she walked into her closet and changed into an oversized shirt with a pair of pyjama shorts then sat on her bed and set up her tv that was mounted to the wall  and sat cross legged waiting patiently for the person she had wanted to see for a few hours now 

she began chewing on a fry to be startled by a small knock on her window she jumped up and opened it to see the only person she was expecting they exchanged a quick kiss before he quietly climbed through the white painted window before explaining "dammit i missed your shower scene oh well always next time" she looked at him with such admiration before running up to him and hugging him feeling his tough leather jacket made her shiver knowing she hadn't seen him in all but two days and acting as if it was their first day of dating even though it had been a year of them managing to keep it a secret. she heightened herself by going on to her toes and kissing him for longer than before 

pulling away she said in between breaths " i got your favourite from pops" pointing to the bag on her bed "wait how'd you know i wouldn't have eaten " she just looked and giggled "listen we've been going out for a year and these secret visits and every time you've complained about being hungry so i fulfilled your wishes" he reminisced all the times he'd complained about being hungry and laughed at the thought of it 

she led her love over to the bed where she gave him his food and told him to get comfortable while she got another blanket by time she had got back from her closet he was laying on her bed in his jeans and plain white shirt eating his long awaited food she jumped on next to him and cuddled up to him while reaching for the remote to un-pause what they were watching they couldn't keep their eyes off the screen so sat repeatedly shoving fries into their mouths watching in anticipation as to what was going to happen next 

after the episode had finished they were stunned at how the show could just be left on a cliffhanger but soon got over it, sometime throughout the show they had finished their food and their plates ended up on her desk when the screen went dark they turn to look at each other  and how much affection they had for each other they leaned in and kissed once again before settling down for the night Celestia snuggled into the one she called her 'sweetest' chest and said "i love you" before her eyes fluttered shut and she drifted off he replied by kissing her forehead knowing she was already asleep and saying "i love you too and that will never change" before falling into a deep slumber they both lied there dreaming of each other knowing they would wake up to see one an another in the morning  

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