Chapter 18

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   Axel's pov

"I will never be yours!" 

Her words are ringing in my ears, cutting into my soul and breaking my heart.

This is the worst pain I have ever been in , it feels like my body is being torn in half. Arlo is howling and writhing in pain inside me. She rejected me, and left me lying on the ground. It's my fault, I know that, and that makes the pain even worse. "You should have accepted her right away, you cost me my mate!" Arlo is angrier than I ever thought possible, and his hate and anger towards me makes everything even harder. I feel myself drift in and out of conscience, and I must be on the ground for at least an hour, maybe more. 

I have to get up.

"We have to go to her, we can still talk to her, make her understand why I did what I did. Make her understand how much I love her." I get no answer from Arlo expect for a pained whine. I feel desperate, but I need to believe that there's still hope, hope that she can forgive me and change her mind. I understand her anger, and I know now more than ever how wrong I was for seeing her as a tiger and not as Leila, as my mate.

"Leila, please talk to me, please let me explain!" I try to mindlink her, but she has closed her connection to the pack. 

Get up, Axel!

I manage to scramble to my feet and while I clutch my chest I somehow drag myself back to the pack house. As soon as I come into view of the house a member of the pack, one of my warriors sees me, and runs to my side "What happened, Sir? Was there an attack?" I must look like I'm on deaths door, and in reality, I am. If this rejection takes real hold and Arlo gives up, my heart and body will succumb to the pain and I will die.

"Where is Leila? Have you seen her?" I manage to squeeze out even though my lungs are fighting for air.

"Did that fucking tiger do this to you? What the hell did she do?!?" He sounds pissed and worried.

"Don't you ever talk badly about her, do you hear me!" I all but scream back at him, "Now have you seen her?"

"No Sir, but I just got here, she might have passed by before I got out here."

I pull free from him and head for the door, maybe she is in her room?

"Have anyone seen Leila?" I mindlink the entire pack, someone must have seen her.

"She is in the woods near the southern border Sir!" Someone answers me, "She seems to be heading straight for the border, should we attempt to stop her?"

"No, let her pass, do not engage her!" I can't risk her or someone else getting hurt, she is way too strong for one or two wolves to handle alone. I shift and take off as fast as I can towards where she is. She can't possibly be thinking of leaving the pack, could she?

"She is leaving for a while Axel, said she needed some time on her own, apparently she's feeling a little overwhelmed by all the people around her," the Lunas voice comes through on the mindlink. I push myself to go faster, I have to get to her, I can't let it end like this.

Finally I pick up her heavenly scent, she just passed through this area, I can still stop her. But if she passes the border I have to stop. I can't enter no mans land without permission from the neighboring Alphas, that could provoke war.

Suddenly I feel it, it's a tickling in the back of my mind, it feels like a string is broken and I know that feeling, a member of the pack has left our borders. I'm too late, she is gone.

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