(RWBY) Cinder Fall x Shy! Wolf Faunus! Reader Part 2

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This way requested by kanata10, Thesadcat123, and lucy_landform. Hope you like it! ⚠️If you have not started watching season 4 and have not seen season 3 there will be slight spoilers⚠️.

Your P.O.V.*

          My eyes fluttered open as I felt something move under me. I couldn't hold back the urge to look up and I noticed a black haired beauty fast asleep above me. For the second time in my life I smiled. She was so beautiful, I couldn't help but smile. I looked back down and realized I was laying on her chest and I immediately blushed, started to shake, and moved away from her.

          Her eyes opened as soon as the contact was gone,"What's wrong?" I'm assuming she could see me shaking, but I only shook my head causing her to speak up again."You can tell me (Y/n). I'm not going to hurt you". 

          I sighed looking down,"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to fall alseep on you.. it wasn't my place to". She smiled hearing me say this, which completely baffled me. "Why is she smiling?" 

          She pulled me close to her chest whispering quietly,"I'm not mad. I don't know what you think I might do to you, but it won't happen,"she stroked my hair lightly before continuing,"I could never hurt you even if  I tried". I nuzzled myself closer to her. I can't explain it, but I feel safe in her arms. Like nothing could ever hurt me again. She bent down kissing me on my head,"Why were you so scared?"

          I looked down thinking,"I knew this would come up..," and I began answering,"When I was little everyone hurt me for being a Faunus. If I even touched them, on accident, they would hit me. Every time I close my eyes I see and feel the the whip as it lashed down on me,"I began to shake as tears formed in my eyes,"I remember everything.." 

          She held me tighter as I cried into her shoulder. Why do I always have to be so weak? She hushed me quietly, humming ever so lightly as if she were to do it any louder everything would shatter. The tears that were streaming down my face finally vanished and the sobs escaping my lips silenced. It only took her second to calm me down. How does she do it when she's only known home for a day, if that? I'm not sure how long we stayed like this, but to me it was an eternity. I loved it so much, though.    

*Time Skip*

*Cinder's P.O.V.*

          (Y/n) is currently taking a shower. She was covered, head to toe, in dirt. How long was she out there for? I was happy she told me about what happened before she went out on the streets, but now I want to kill whoever even tried to touch her. When she went to sleep last night, I stayed up and I couldn't help, but notice how skinny she was. I bet she hasn't eaten in a long time. Well at least not a good meal.

          I'm not the best cook, but anything I can make for her, I'm going to make it. I quickly make whatever I can find and is easy for me to make. I ended up cooking some chicken, some rice, and a couple of waffles. It may not be the best meal, but it is all I can do for right now. I finally hear the shower stop,"I guess she's finished," I think, but some muffled words come from my mouth. I was able to get her a decent red shirt and some black jeans(that way you look similar in clothing style. Cinder is marking you as her ;)). 

          I quickly grabbed two plates from the cupboard, put a little bit of everything onto them, and placed them on the table waiting for (Y/n) to return. (Y/n) came down wearing the shirt and jeans I got her, which were pretty big on her, and I couldn't help, but smile. Her (h/l) (h/c) hair was draped over her (d/n), ( d/n stands for dominate hand) with her hands brushing through her damp hair. She's a sight to behold, she's gorgeous, she's mine. 

          Her voice dragged me from my thoughts,"Did you make all of this?" She was gesturing to the food that was laying out before her. I nodded, not able to find the words I truly wanted to say. The moment I saw her my mind went blank, I don't know what to think anymore. She smiled thanking me and we began to eat. 

*Time Skip Again* 

*Your P.O.V.*

          Cinder and I went to the park, which is where we are now. There weren't any people here, but that's why Cinder chose to come her. She said that if anyone saw her they would take her away from me and I didn't want that. All of a sudden I heard leaves crunching behind us and I turned just in time to see a young girl with silver eyes attack Cinder. She was alone and her eyes glowed a silvery white. I was blinded as to who bright it was and all I heard was Cinder screaming in pain. When my vision came back I saw Cinder in the ground.

          I ran over to her seeing the left side of her face burnt and her long hair was now at shoulder height, do to being burned and all that filled me was worry,"Cinder are you ok?" She simply nodded, but I could tell she was in pain. I activated my aura and helped her with the pain. Sadly, I couldn't heal her. We headed back home where I cut her hair so there wasn't any burnt parts. 

          When I finished her eyes met mine,"I'm fine. Really. I'm just glad that you are ok". Her  soft lips kissed mine in a passionate kiss which I happily returned. I wrapped my arms around her neck and her's were around my waist. This. This is all I need, all I wanted. I'm hers and she's mine. I won't let anything take her from me. Ever.

Well there you go. This was the best I could do so I hoped you liked it. 

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