the wolf children : Ame and Yuki chapter nineteen

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The power had gone out at home and while mom was trying to get to the power box , Ame had snuck out and went to the forest again. My mom started to search " Ame!!" she kept calling. But he never came.

She had tripped and fell down a hill full of rocks and trees. And she passed out. While she was asleep she had another dream that she was in a meadow. This time my dad was standing closer . She sat up and looked to him, he nodded . She ran into his arms and they hugged tightly. " I'm sorry" she said " For what?" " You had asked me to raise them properly , but intead i made all the wrong choices..." " No you did well. Just because they didn't choose the same paths, doesn't mean you failed. Ame and Yuki are going to grow into great people..." " Ame!" My mother relized what she was doing prior.

she slowly opened her eyes just in time to see Ame slowly turning into an adult wolf. she called out " Ame wait!" he turned " Please don't go!" My Mother was in tears " I still haven't done anything for you yet!!" She saw a tear escape from his eye as well before he ran up the mountain. It was then my Mother relized it...she'd relized that it was his life...and although she had spent only teen years with him, he had every right to go. So she smiled and yelled to the top of her lungs " That's right." She continued " Go live your life!!" he howled. My Mom said she'll never forget that day. The day she relized just how proud she was of Ame.

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