the wolf children : Ame and Yuki chapter fourteen

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Ame was acting weird though, and my Mother was very worried. Ame stopped coming to work with Mom and instead kept going off into the forest. And one day she caught him on his way there and asked " Ame, where are you going?" he hesitated " I'm just going to my teacher..." " oh, who's your teacher?" " my teacher teacher..." " hmm...okay, well be home before dark" " I will." he said running towards the road that leads up to the mountains.

Later that day my Mother invited the neighbors over for tea. " Well Ame sure likes to ditch-" the old man blurted " And there ain't nothing wrong with that! Just look at Thomas Edison , he didn't finish school and look at his success!" my Mother laughed then said " he says he goes up to the mountains to meet someone, do anyone of you who that is?" " no, I think he's just lying-" " what he means is, we don't know anyone who lived up there...i mean why would anyone live up there any way?" My mother sighed, obviously wanting to know who this teacher was.

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