Farrah Faye [2]

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farrah's P.O.V.

I woke up in Rex's arms, with my back pressed to his chest. I very carefully removed his arm from around my waist and slid out of bed. I pulled on my black silk robe and quietly walked to the bathroom. I quickly took a shower and dried off. I put on some black shorts to show off my legs, and a tight white v-neck that showed off my chest, and of course my curves. I put on my converse. I applied very little make-up but straightened my hair--even though it's naturally straight. When I was done I went downstairs to find everyone testing each other's with true and false questions.

"Good morning sleeping beauty. Wanna play?" Callen asked.

"What are y'all playing?" I replied

"Answering History questions," he replied.

"Sure. I'd love to." I am so ready for this. They have no clue how much smarter I've become since I left.

"Count me in too." I turned around to find Rex in the kitchen doorway. We all moved to the living room and Rex and I sat on the two person couch. As soon as Rex sat down I put my legs across his lap and he rested his hands on my thighs.

"Everyone ready?" Prism, my sister asked.

"Yes," we all replied in unision.

"Okay. This one is for Prism. Remember if she gets it wrong, then anyone else can answer."

"Okay," we all replied in unision again.

"Prism, D-Day was important because...?"

"Uh...Because it helped people?

"No. Anyone else?"

Rigth away I knew the answer. "It was inportant because landing in France opened a second front and ddivided Germany's army," I blurted.

Every head turned my way as mouths dropped open. I smiled and said, "Next question, please." I felt very sure of myself now.

"Rex, VCR's and cable television were..."

"They were two inventions of the late 1980s that were in competition with traditional motion pictures for everyday viewers attention."

"That's...that's correct. Are you guys cheating? Did you look at my paper?" he flipped it back and forth to see if you could see through the back of the paper, which you couldn't, while showing us all the answers. But it's okay, at least now I know what he is asking so I will be able to answer quicker than Rex.

All of a sudden I felt very hot. How could Rex not feel it? I feel power now, strong power, but who's it coming from? I moment later, I realized the power was emanating from me. It felt like I was boiling now. Like someone dumped me in a volcanoe full of hot lava. I felt darkness sweeping over me as I strained to listen to what Callen was saying.

"Fine. Next. Farrah-" I didn't hear anything else except my own voice talking.

"Imperialism occurs when one country invade another country's government, trade, and culture. Learning and modern medical practices were spread by missionaries in the Age of Imperialism. European nations set their sights on Africa because of the vast mineral and economic resources."

The black veil lifted from my eyes only for me to see that everyone in the room was dead silent. No one moved or said a word, they just stared at me. I shifted uncomfortably on the couch and looked to Rex. His expression hurt me more than the silence. His face portrayed a mask of horror and shock, but also something else. Could it be saddness...or anger?

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