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Hello! Thank you so much for deciding to read additional chapters for my novels--I hope I don't disappoint!

Since this will be a collection of chapters, I'll be labelling each chapter a certain way so you can understand which novel it's from, which chapter it's connected to and if it's fluff or smut. I'll also include details to differentiate between one-shots and bonus chapters. 

Before we begin, I just want to clarify the definitions for fluff and smut. The definitions are as follows:

Fluff (taken from Urban Dictionary):
A type of romantic short story or fanfiction, similar to the slasher in how it falls into one particular genre that is somewhat specific. A fluff story has two characters who express their feelings towards each other and eventually snuggle and/or cuddle (Non-sexually), usually to the sunset or during a starry night. It has very little focus on story and just contains a lot of cuteness. Comes from "fluff"; a story with no real story.

Smut (taken from Urban Dictionary):
When two or more characters (fictional or nonfictional) has a sexual encounter with each other. It could be all sex with little story plot or a well thought out story with occasional sex scenes. usually associated with fan art, fan fiction and a lot of romance novels. 

Now that that's out of the way, a chapter in this novel will typically be labelled in the following formula:
(Name of Novel) | (Chapter it's related to) | (Smut/Fluff/Oneshot)
So for example, a chapter in this will be KASF | Chapter 30 | Smut. This means that the chapter will focus around the novel Keeping A Straight face, that it's set after the events of chapter 30 (or based on a chapter beat inside that chapter) and that it is smut. 

Earlier versions of Wattpad allowed me to mark chapters as private. This doesn't seem to be the case anymore, so anybody should be able to view the following chapters. If they still aren't appearing, please privately message me or leave an in-line comment here--I'll get to you as soon as possible. Usually, with chapters this NSFW, Wattpad unpublishes them due to writing guidelines. 

Happy reading everyone!

Much love,
J.S x

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