Chapter 16: good times

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Otabeks POV
After chris yelled at me we finally went inside to get dress. It felt like it took forever. I didn't even know that someone could have that many emotion. I mean, he's great but he's almost the exact opposite as me.

Anyway, as we got closer to the all to familiar, rusted building. I thought about what Yura is doing.
He's probably on the couch with the cat just sleeping like the beauty that he is.

I know exactly what to except when I walked into the thick metal door of the ware house. And now I relive it just as I have been so many other times. So many, good times. So many fights. So many memories.

First, all you feel is the base from the music moving all throughout your body's dreams today the music is particularly horrible.
Then, you see all the neon purple, green, pink, red, and every color in between lights, moving and flickering about. The clouds of glitter. And all the people. All the people dancing, drinking, arguing, gambling. The lavish furniture that looks as though it has no place in this mess of a room. It's so big that there's probably at least 500 people in here.
And finally, the smell of drugs, money, smoke, and expensive perfume fills the air.
"Is he here?" I try to yell to Chris as he's already downing a shot of vodka.
"Of course he's here where else would he be?"
"I was just making sure" my words drift away as I fade into the crowd of people then find my way out of the mess as I go down the empty hallway labeled
" no entry beyond this point "
As I open door I can already feel the discomfort.

"Oh what a surprise seeing you here. I thought you died."

Are the words spoken from the  perfectly black room in neat and organized perfection.

"Nice to see you too Seung Gill Lee" I say with a half smile.

"Oh come on Otabek you know I'm only joking. How about a full smile? Please? And stop with the formalities just call me Seung like I've been telling you for months. How have you been?" 

Seung is actually very nice but he just has the vibe about him that I don't fully trust. Well I mean it's obvious why.

" yeah I know my bad, but just tell me what I've missed. Just like you always say 'a day in the mafia is a year in the outside world' right?"

I just want him to tell me so I can get this over with as soon as possible.

"Well in all honestly its been a mess with out you and I need you here more"

" I know I've just been having some... umm... family issues I guess"

"Otabek, the reason we have you here is for three reasons. One  your parents don't really give a shit about you so, we're your real family. Two the the best performer in the entire field. Three your actually reasonable. So what is it really? It's not family is it. I'm going to find out sooner or later. You know that"

by now he's gotten up from his desk and he's strutted over next to me in his perfectly tailored suit and has handed me a glass of rosé

What more would you expect from a Mafia leader I guess.

"Ugh ok fine, so I'm kind of taking care of this boy. He lost his family and has been in a coma for almost his entire life. He just woke up and has no one."

"Ok cool you should bring him over"

"I don't think that's the best idea"

"Business is slow. I think you should and your the one that works for me aren't I correct?"

"Yes you are right. I need to go get ready now"

I sigh and leave the room with out another word said.

But if one things for sure. It's that yuri won't be coming here anytime soon.

Wowie what a wild ride!??? it's getting rowdy!?!? A lot will be explained in the next chapter don't worry
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