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Hey guys! 

First of all, I'm just gunna start off by saying sorry

I know it's been a whole month since I've updated. 

I get it. You guys like the story and want more updates. 

I'm just gunna start off and say that I was on Winter Vacation over the past month and that was the reason that I was unable to update. I don't go to college near my house so when I do have Vacations, I'd like to actually spend it with my family instead of being glued to my phone. 

The day of Christmas, my family got a call saying that my Uncle passed away in India.

That was the reason that I wasn't updating.

I also know that I updated my other story Forever Raine, however, I'd just like to say that the parts I updated were parts that I wrote before I went off to Vacation. I had them all ready but just wasn't posting them all together. 

I am a little stuck on this story with Writer's Block. I know what I want to write but I've been having a hard time writing the next part for EDKV - ONCE MORE. I am working on it and I have half of the part ready, I just need to finish it up and I will update. 

I have 2 important things to say before I update it. 

1) Thank you to all of the people who have been patient and asking if I am alright. I am, indeed fine. Just a little busy. Thank you for being supportive and politely asking me to update. I will try my absolute best to do it soon. 

2) I got a message today by someone saying that they thought I wasn't paying attention to this story and that they were losing interest in my story because I wasn't updating. 

That honestly hurt a lot. I know it doesn't seem that serious but as a writer and as a person, I really felt horrible reading that. I try my best all the time to give you daily updates and the one time I can't, for someone to say something like that it really rude and inconsiderate. I was working on the next part but just seeing that comment made me turn off my computer and avoid writing the next part. 

If you don't have anything nice to  say then don't say it at all.

If you are loosing interest in my story, then please delete it from your library. 


I spend a WHOLE YEAR working on this and I would never throw this book away like that! 

With that being said, unfortunately, I will be ending this book soon. 

The next part will be posted soon and after that, there will only be a couple more parts left. 

I'd just like to say thanks to all of the people who have been supportive this entire time. For all of the people who understood that I was unable to update. 



IT'S 2018!!!

And yeah, I do have another book and it's one that is a little more profession. If you guys like Shravan and Sumo's love story, then FOREVER RAINE, is your book. It is basically their love story through different characters. Please give it a read and support me on that. I would mean the world to me! 

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