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Umm hey I guess. It's a been a while.
Since I've changed,

 Since I've changed,

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I decided to redo chapter 12

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I decided to redo chapter 12.

So here we go.
(I won't be tagging anyone sorry oof)

Btw, Fall Out Boy is now my favourite band, and Patrick Stump is my favourite human.

Hair colour? Brown, still brown. I might be getting some blonde highlights though!

What do you regret most?
Not taking enough risk taking chances. There's a lot I've backed out from, and I regret that a whole bunch.

Part of the LGBTQ+ community?
No I am not, I'm straight, but that does not mean I will stop showing my love and support for the amazing and lovely human beings who are!

Pets? You guys know about Gucci. He'll be nine in September. He's a boxer/pitt mix. Sweetest dog ever. And idk if some of you remember me showing you my picture of my puppy. Well, he's 7 months old now, his name is Max. He'a a pretty big pup now. And he's not done growing! He's a Chesapeake/bulldog mix. Then, Tyson, he's a bulldog. He is 4.

Hot chocolate or chocolate milk?

Do you like snakes? Yeah, I think they are very fascinating.

Song lyrics that make you emotional? The entirety of I've Got a Dark Alley and a Bad Idea That Says You Should Shut Your Mouth.
Most hard hitting lyrics from the song are probably the chorus.
"And the record won't stop skipping, and the lies just won't stop slipping, and besides my reputation's on the line. We can fake it for the airways, force our smiles, baby, half dead, from comparing myself to everyone else around me."

Is Brendon Urie or Tyler Joseph more of a sass queen? Okay.. this one is hard. It's neither of them. IT'S GERARD WAY

ADHD? Not that I know of.. I'm sure I don't though. I'm a pretty calm person when I want to be. Then you know.. I can be insane too.

Favourite plants? phils house plants
Cherry blossoms! I love the soft pinks. I love pastel colours too so yee
This reminds me of Cheryl Blossom. She's a queen

Biggest OTP? Brendon and Sarah are stilly OTP, but.. we have new contestants. *drum roll*
shut up. sprousehart is real and bughead better last for season three of riverdale or I will not be very happy.

Weirdest encounter with a stranger? So my family and I went out for sushi last weekend and there was a girl in the way of the tv that was playing Jeopardy, (don't ask why they were playing jeopardy on the tv, it was vv fancy place, oh they were also playing beyonce) so, whenever I would look over at the tv, this girl would be glaring at me, and gave me the "stop staring at me" look. She already looked like a high end B WORD
So I was minding my business, then I look over at the tv, and this girl is just dead on glaring into my soul. It was weird. As we were walking out I said some snarky comment (me being the idiot I am) and she got all offended and I looked at my FAM and said, "we gotta get out of here sanic fast."

Matched or mismatched socks?

Favourite candy?
Life saver gummies!!

Any sports? Soccer

Opinions on turtles? I love them!

Any near death experiences?
When I was younger, and first starting to take showers, I slipped a lot and fell on the tub, but I always fell on my ribs. I've flipped off of trampolines countless of times, almost had an asthma attack yesterday. I always get the wind knocked out of me. I've never broken a bone, only sprained my ankle. (When I was 2.. won't go into detail. Let's just say it had to do with a hard wood floor, a hoolahoop, and a clumsy 2 year old.)

Favourite game? All of the Sims games!

Describe your clothes in five words: Casual, cute, comfortable, pink, band shirts. 

What country do you live in?
United States ugh. I wish I could live in the UK.. All I know is that the UK can be called a country or nation. (Correct me if I'm wrong tho)

Most embarrassing moment?
My whole life pretty much.

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