Sonoda Umi x Nozomi's sister! Spell caster! Reader

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Hey Fleet!

Since you are Nozomi's sister you will have emerald eyes, just like the Vice President we all love!

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Hehe, nothing more to say, FALL UNDER MY SPELL!


More Powerful Than Magic

Your POV

Magic, something the humans themselves invented but they can't control it. Books and books and filled with an entire diversification of functions and amazing descriptions that goes from the most basic telepathic control to the most epic control of the nature and everything that surrounds us.

Even in anime you can see what humans want, complete control but they don't even imagine that I exist.

I'm the sister of one of the most beautiful and pure girls you will ever see. One that can easily make someone to fall in love with her by a simple smile or the swaying of her hips, Toujou Nozomi. The Vice President of Otonokizaka and member of the school idol group Muse.

The respect I got for her is immense; reason of this is because she has protected me during our life together. Even if she says that she lives alone to become independent or to be near the school, she actually protects me from our parents there. I'm a year younger than her and since I discovered what I could do and our parents wanted to kill me, she helped me to flee from them and now I live with her. It is just a secret due that the apartment is only for one person and if someone inside the building gets to know, I will just say that the streets don't look like a good place to sleep.

Talking about my powers, in a videogame I would be called a mage. With just some words I can release a full destruction in an area in front of me and unleash a complete barrage of elements to my target or at least that is what I unleashed back then.

"(Y/N)cchi?" Onee-chan entered through the bathroom door while I was just staring deep into the mirror, both of us now dressed up to go to school. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah, I'm just spacing off" She then grew a devious smile and in the blink of an eye she was now at my back and with her hands squeezing my breasts.

"Thinking on her again?~" Her tone grew more seductive and whispered into my ear. In response I turned around and pinned her into one of the bathroom walls and got near her as if we were about to kiss.

"No but I can make you forget her~" We stood there with our gazes battling each other until we both started chuckling and separated from each other.

"Ready to go?" We exited the bathroom and went for our bags at the entrance of the apartment and stood there for a second.

"Eyes that don't see..." I spoke before she turned the knob and my body started to disappear along with my uniform and bag. This was the most basic type of spell I could do. "Heart that doesn't feel"

Our morning routine continued until we were a few streets away from our department and we walked through an alley, ending the spell while we were walking through it and continued with our way towards Otonokizaka with my mind full of her.

Sonoda Umi, that mature and responsible girl who was always there for me when I needed her. I've liked her since I arrived into Otonokizaka and she was a member of the Archery Club. Her pose ad her complexion while she trained made her look like a princess, her body and her face were like they are from the most beautiful painting the humanity has seen.

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