Chapter 1

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Onika Maraj

I always thought I was alive... until I knew I was dead inside. I was trying to tell myself I was worth something and I wasn't a piece of shit but those thoughts kept coming in. While I knew I was happy I still felt sad most times. I wanted to disappear or be invisible... like a ghost. I wanted to experience what being a ghost was like... I sort of got my wish.

* • •

I was currently cleaning my room, as well as listening to music. I had planned on going out tomorrow with my friends... of course I was gonna tell my parents.

After I was done cleaning, I had gotten some clothes and took a shower. While I was in the shower, I kept hearing a sound... like wind. Ignored it and kept cleaning myself until I got done and rinsed off. I felt something touch my arm and jumped back. I looked down and saw nothing. I laughed to myself and thought I was crazy.

I walked back into my room and looked on my bed and saw my clothes were now on my desk.

"What the hell," I whispered.

I heard a sweet and kind of deep giggle before turning around to my door. I felt like I was in a horror movie right now. I put on some lotion and other things before going over and putting on my clothes.

I decided to sit in bed and text a few people on my phone before going to bed. I was still scared out of my damn mind but managed to calm myself. I hoped it wasn't a mean ass ghost in my house... I feel like it's haunting me already.

"Onikaaa," I heard. I looked over at my closet for a minute until I heard my bathroom toilet flush.

I didn't even move and inch. I just stayed put and laid down. I was seconds away from going to sleep... but I woke up again when I felt something touch my leg.

I looked under the covers to see a beautiful woman. I jumped back a bit.

"Why are you here?" I asked as I looked at her beautiful features. She had curly dark blonde hair. The question was... was she even real?

"I'm the ghost that's haunting you..."

I moved out of bed slowly and turned on the light. I saw her face light up and ... ghosts look just like humans. I reached out to touch her and she smiled at me. Her hand touched mine and it didn't feel cold at all.

"Do you have a name?" I asked her. Her hazel eyes took a tour of my room and then locked in with mine. It was like I was hypnotized but this woman already. I was definitely not gay but for her... yes.

"Beyoncé... Beyoncé knowles. If you want to know how I died you'll have to find out on your own."


"Because, I'm not gonna explain it until you find out your own way."

"Oh- Okay."

I went back into bed and tried to get more sleep but I felt a body next to mines. How can I even feel every single little poke she gives me? She's s ghost.

"Beyoncé... how long have you been haunting me?"

"Since I died... I've met you before and you probably don't know that my name rings a loud bell in your head... you're just ignoring every single thought you have right now."

She was right. I didn't want to think about anything as of now. Her name didn't make me remember her at all.

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