Loosing my alpha

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The cool sea water seemed to stop the burning in my legs and I looked down to see I have a tail. What the hell! I have a tail! Stripe what's happening? Then I realised.

The next day I woke up to the best feeling ever. I felt my power surging through my veins making me feel fearless. Then it clicked and I don't know how but I just knew what I was. I was a hybrid. A witch, a vampire, a siren...
*End of flaskback*

Siren... Siren... Siren... The word rang in my brain repetitively. I looked down at my tail again and gasped. I never noticed it's beauty. Its scales were so white, it seemed to glow like a full moon on a clear night. The fin at the end of my tail was a grey but seemed to change colour as different emotions ran through me. Great. I have to spend more sleeping energy on blocking it from showing our emotions, just like our eyes. Don't you like it? Oh, don't get me wrong, I love it but it is used for swimming. Stripe is like a typical house cat and doesn't like water because it is 'takes too much effort to swim'.

I flicked my tail slightly and watched in awe as the muscles flexed and I drifted calmly but quickly out to sea. Thats when I felt it. A connection, a strong bond weaken almost to the point of disappearing. It felt like when I left my old pack. Then why does it hurt? It almost feels like when my ties cut with my old alpha... Damien! I swam up from the sea floor and leaped out of the water, shifting in mid air, I flew as fast as I could back to the battle field to. But for the first time in forever, I felt complete. Like there is no extent of my power that I haven't unlocked. I roared a roar of many emotions. Pain, completion, sadness and happiness.

I quickly arrived at the on going battle to see a sea of red. My tiger eyes widened and I smelt both my pack and vampire blood. Wait... VAMPIRES! Vampires are enemies of werewolves and I knew they wanted to wipe the werewolf race out but I didn't think they would sink as low as working with rouges to do so. My eyes zone in to the reason I felt a bond almost break.

There he was. A vampire. Holding Damien by the head. The vampire had slit Damien's throat with his overgrown nails and was showing off the deep cut to everyone. Warriors were on the ground being restrained by vampires and whimpering at the sight of their alpha in such a weak state. Rage like I had never experienced rushed through my veins making them bubble to the point that I thought I would explode. Everyone bowed as I roared in anger, with more power than I thought I had. I shifted back walked up to the vampire, my eyes as red as his disgusting orbs.

He smirked and I swear, every supernatural who underestimated me because of my gender and puts on an ugly smirk ends up dead. He thrust Damien aside, earning a howl in pain and his smirk got bigger. "Oh loo-" but I didn't let him finish as I jumped up, spinning 360 degrees and delivering an immensely powerful roundhouse kick to his temple, knocking out instantly and sending him flying 20 metres away. Vampires shouted in anger but my pack got up from encouragment by a distraught Amy and continued fighting back.

Running up to my alpha, tears in my eyes and I saw him groaning on the floor, coughing up more blood that I thought was in anyone's body. I ripped a bit off of his shirt and pressed it against his neck in a vain attempt to stop the bleeding.

More tears welled up and he took my hand softly and started speaking. "A-angel. You are s-such a strong, i-independant girl. P-please don't l-let my death being you down. G-go out there and m-make me proud. M-make your parents proud. Y-you need to train harder than ever. B-but look after my pack as it i-is now yours." He stuttered as I tried to get him to stop speaking. "What!? M-me as alpha?" I asked and he nodded before whimpering in pain. "You are a t-true alpha. Look around you. A-all my pack are d-dying. T-they are weak w-without an alpha. A-accept the a-alpha title. A-accept who you are."

I stumbled backwards as Amy ran over crying hysterically and she whispered sweet nothings into Damien's ear. Then the bond broke. He was gone. Forever. I had no more tears left to express my pain so I just screamed. I screamed for my loss of my parents, the loss of my mate, the loss of my old pack and the loss of my alpha. I screamed all the built up pain and agony, anger and depression that ate slowly at my traumatized heart. I was showing weakness in front of everyone but right now, I didn't care. I just wanted the pain to go. My scream was powerful so loud that the ground shook and my pack members covered their bursting ears. The vampires however were on the ground, withering in pain, agony was showing on their faces as clear as day.

One by one they stopped moving as I finished letting out my pain. My pack members seemed fine, it was only the vampires it effected. How? How could I just scream and it kill so many strong supernaturals? Sirens. Their screams of emotion are lethal, deadly. So how did I control it? Why are my pack members ok? One last sob escaped my lips and I looked up for my eyes to meet the broken ones of my best friend, Amy. I caught her as she passed out, along with all my other pack members. So maybe my scream did effect them a little bit.

Wow. I was soo upset when Damien died even though he wasn't a character that popped up a lot. I don't think I wrote his last moments well but I guess that's up to you and whether your eyes wanna leak ;). See ya next chapter.

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