Survival Means Everything.

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Chapter One.

I wake up to a blood curdling scream, jolting me out of sleep immediately. I question the owner and quickly recognise it to be my sister, Hannah. I quickly reach for a bobble on my left and tie my hair up into a high ponytail before lifting myself out of bed. I fold my covers up neatly and sprint to my younger sisters’ room. After a few seconds in the hallways I reach my destination.

I come in to find Hannah scrunched up in a ball on the side of her bed screaming. I make my way to her, pushing her petite body onto my lap and start to reassure her.

“Ssh. Hannah, it’s okay.” I say softly. Pushing her similar autumn brown hair away from her face. “It’s not real, it’s not real. It’s okay.”  She quickly recognises my voice and her eyes open. Her pale blue eyes bore into mine and she starts to cry all over again.

“Tris. I was- I was chosen.” She says, choking on her sobs. And then I remember, this year is Hannah’s first year. Hannah’s first year of having a chance of being chosen. Even more so, today is the choosing day.  The day where 16 children all over the country will be taken away from their parents and have to go through life-threatening simulations where only one is supposed to remain.  I sigh, her name is only in there once yet she is worrying.

“Don’t worry Hannah.” I reassure her, smiling. “Your name is only in there once, one in thousands. No need to worry.” She smiles. Then thinks for a second and panic reappears on her face.

 “But. But what about you, Tris?”  I sigh.  Here in Mayfield, we are the second to poorest area. And if you’re poor, to get money you have to sign up for an ‘extra’ option. Were your names will be entered more times. Fortunately, we are in the richest part of our area. But we still have to sign up twice, meaning that my name will be in there nine times today. Just so we have two times more extra money in our family of four. Still nothing to worry about, however Hannah has always been worried about me.

 “Hannah.” I start, smiling again. “There is no need to be worrying about me.”  I say, empathising the ‘no’.  

“Okay.” She says, still not completely convinced but agrees anyway because she knows I won’t be in the mood to argue.

“Now.” I say. Poking her in the belly like I did when she was younger, causing her to give a girly giggle. “I’m going to go see Jai, okay?” Jai has been my best friend since childhood. I’ve always slightly had a crush on him, but I doubt he would be interested.  “Tell mum I’ll be back for breakfast.” She nods and I leave to go back into my room.

I go into my room, at get dressed into some old clothes, knowing that me and Jai always end up sneaking into the fields and get our clothes messy. I examine my outfit, a light blue strapless top and three quarter length black leggings. I take my hair down to reveal my natural light waves and -like my sister-   medium length brown hair. I align my side fringe to the right place and make my way out to find Jai.

I step out of my house, instantly smiling at the warm spring atmosphere. And make my way to the fields. I am discreet as, technically it’s not legal to be outside in the fields unless we’re working.  Mayfield is in charge of England’s crops. What means everyone here works on farms. Except people like my parents who work on the town, providing everyday needs such as shoes and bread. I smile to myself, knowing that I have one of the lucky lives in Mayfield. However there is people like Jai who, sadly have to live on the farms their whole life and have to sign up for extras. I quickly dismiss my fear for Jai as; I know he wouldn’t be happy about me thinking about it.  I turn all the usual routes and as normal, see Jai in the fields waiting for me.