Chapter 17- How Heroic Of You

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Brandon's POV
Everything was going perfect until she came back injured. I told everyone that we said I love you and kissed and we were all happy. Up until now.

"HELP! SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME!" I screamed for dear life as I walked through the hospital with Lydia in my arms. There were no cars that could come for two hours and I knew that she didn't have enough time, so I swooped her up in my arms and ran for my life to the hospital. Lucky for me I used to take track and football, so the mile run with her in my arms was easy.

Someone finally caught my attention and put her on a gurney. I followed them all the way to the surgical room where they wouldn't let me pass. "Sir, you have to stay out here-"

"Bullshit! She's my girlfriend, I need to be there for her!" I snap back at the nurse while shaking my head as Nate and Piper hold me back.

"You can't go in there Brandon. They are going to do their best to save her-"

"Oh and of course you are going to play mister perfect again! She needs support-"

"No Brandon! She needs surgery! Her father hit an artery in her leg. Not everything is about you so sit down and shut the fuck up!" I was in shock. I have seen Blaire in many different emotions and fazes in her life, but I've never seen Blaire angry before.

I did as she said and kept quiet but on the inside I was tearing myself apart. It's all my fault. If I would've gone after her and followed her then maybe I could've protected her and she would not be here right now.

The nurses refused to tell us what condition she was in but I knew that Blaire knows. She wants to become a doctor so she studies all the anatomy and blood stuff, I want to ask her but instead I keep silent.

"We shouldn't have let her go alone." Gray comments while shaking his head, they all nod in agreement. "I know." Nate replies, anger starts to fill through me.

"Then why did you? You spend all this time saying what if but none of you actually did! You guys let her leave-"

"You didn't do anything either. All you did was say how much you love her-"

"That's not true. I begged her not to go but she was persistent that she had to or someone would die. So yes I told her I loved her, because if those are the last words from me she ever heard then at least she knew how I felt."

"Oh how heroic of you!" Nate mocks, I glare at him. I wanted to punch him so badly but I have to hold on to that piece of Good that Lydia brought out in me. "And what exactly did you do Nate? Oh that's right, you let her go get stabbed and maybe killed!"

His stupid ass decided to use me as a human punching bag. It was so hard to resist punching him but I had to do it for the sake of Lydia. "Nate stop it." Blaire says worriedly, he kept punching, I started feeling light headed. "NATE STOP! YOU'RE GONNA KILL HIM!" Okay maybe she was being over dramatic but I was feeling really lightheaded by now.

Gray and Vince had to pull him off me and even so he was kicking and screaming. Security escorted him out. Piper and Vince went after him in order to make sure he didn't do anything stupid while Blaire and Gray helped me get cleaned up.

"Why did you let him do that to you? The old Brandon I knew would've fought back." Gray questions while shaking his head, I sigh. "The old player Brandon is gone. I'm starting to change, Lydia took a big part in that. I'm a better person because of her which is why I didn't fight back. She's in surgery right now possibly fighting for her life, and since I didn't follow her, the least I could do is respect what she taught me."

"You really love her don't you?" Blaire says with a wide smile, I wince in pain as we put an ice pack on my eye and nod. "She brings out the best in me. Ever since my mom died I went down a spiral path and she brought me back. The plan was supposed to be if she can help me be good again, I'll help her make Nate jealous and get him back. However, while he was busy being an ignorant asshole we connected and I guess we fell for each other. Saying I love you is hard for the both of us, but I don't regret saying it."

"Awe that's so adorable! You two are definitely my OTP. Her and Nate may have been childhood best friends but they would be too problematic as a couple. You two solve each others problems and that's what makes you so great. I've never seen you care so much about a girl, it really is amazing." I could tell she was being sincere and that made me happy. Unfortunately my happiness was cut short when I heard that beeping sound coming from the surgery room. I panicked.

"Her bp is dropping, we're losing her! Start doing compressions." I heard the doctor shout to the nurses, we ran to the window so we could see what was happening. I regretted it because it only brought up bad memories.

"She's gonna be okay Brandon-"

"You don't know that! You said it yourself he hit a major artery in her leg. Maybe if I was able to take her in a car then she wouldn't be dying right now!"

"You can't blame yourself-"

"Yes I can. If I would've followed her anyways and ignored her then I could've protected her. It's my fault." I wanted to cry, but I couldn't cry in front of them. "Brandon, we couldn't predict what would've happened. He could've killed you-"

"But at least I would've protected her!"

"Brandon, if you died she would not be able to live with herself. Yes you would've protected her, but she would've died anyways. She's going to be okay, they just got her pulse back to normal. She's most likely going to need a blood transfusion because she lost so much blood, you're gonna want to be here when she wakes up." Blaire says sympathetically, I shake my head. "The only thing we can do is wait and pray, she's going to be alright." Gray adds on, I nod.

There was one place I had to go to and that was the church inside the hospital. I kneeled down and started praying. "I don't really know how to start these things but um hey, it's Brandon. I know we haven't talked in awhile but that is because I lost a little of my faith when my mother died. Believe me when I say it broke me, but you probably knew that already. When I first met Lydia I was a jerk and a player, but she changed me for the better. She made me see the good in things and I will forever be in debt to her, but ever since I came into her life she started having more problems and I'm so sorry. Please, if you really are up there, save her. I promise I won't cause any problems, I will avoid her if I have to just please let her live."

The doors swung open and I looked to see Piper. "Brandon, we can go see her soon. They were able to get her leg all stitched up and it turns out that Blaire was the perfect match for the transfusion, they are both recuperating now. Let's go see her!" Before I could do anything, Piper grabbed my arm and pulled me all the way to Lydia's room.

She was still asleep which was okay since she just had surgery, but she looked so adorable I didn't even want to move her.

"Go!" Blaire, Piper and Gray pushed me inside and closed the door. I tip toed over to her bed and grabbed her hand. "I know you're sleeping, but I want you to know that I'm here. I brought you to the hospital because I was horrified. I blamed myself for what happened to you and it's because of that pain I felt when I saw you hurt that I have to let you go. I love you so much that it hurts, and if anything would've happened to you today I don't know what I would've done. I'm so sorry." A tear fell down my face as I went to kiss her forehead. I wiped my tears away and walked out, all of them looked at me with sympathetic expressions.

They are all going to say that I'm being over dramatic but I have to do this. It's for her own good.
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