Chapter 2

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Okayyy.. So second chapter.. Here I go >.>

---Jessica POV

I woke up to the chirping of the alarm. After slapping it off the dresser, I showered and washed my long brown hair and put it in a messy bun. I pulled on blue cropped top that hung of my shoulders and exposed my tummy and black shorts.

“Morning.” I greeted my mother in the kitchen.

“Hey honey, your father-“

“Hey darling” My father cut her off.

My eyes grew wide. “What’s he doing here?”

“He’s your dad, what do you mean what’s he doing here.”

“After all that he did to us, you let him come back?” I asked not believing my eyes.

My father was an abusive cheater. He abused my mother for years and when I tried to help her, he would hit me too. Not too soon ago we found out about his other family. He has a four year old son with some Sonia lady.

I frowned at her not being able to answer and took up my bag and left out the house.

My best friend Ashley drove into my driveway just in time. I got into the car and we drove off.

Yeah, I have my own car but it’s kind of a ritual or something now. Ashley always drove me to school on the first day.

I looked over to Ashley and smiled, she was wearing almost the same thing as me except her top was white and her jeans were blue.

“How was England ?” I asked breaking the silence.

“Pretty good. Met lots of family and stuff.” she pouted

I chuckled at her, she always thought that me and our other friends had lots of fun on vacations when she wasn’t there.

“Summer sucked here. Sean and Jeff have been total drunk assholes while Rachel, Sophie and I have been sober and bored to tears.”

Ashley grinned at me. She loved it when I admit to being bored to tears without her. She is so cocky.

I rolled my eye s at her.

“So first party of the semester, you going babe?”

“Are you referring to Rodney’s Birthday thingy?” She nodded. “Well do I even have a choice… I’m going.”

I dunno how she did it but even when I strongly oppose going out she always makes me in the strangest of ways. Last time she locked me in a closet and left me there until I agreed to go to the dance. Crazy right? I know, typical Ashley.

“Who are you taking?” She asked catching my attention.

I raised my eyebrow at her. “No one. I can do that you know! I dont have to have a date.”

“Like hell you won’t! I’ll get you a date babe, have no fear.”  She sounded like superman or some kinda hero.

I laughed and got out the car when she parked in the student’s parking lot.

“You’re crazy if you think I’m letting you set me up again.”

Last time Ashley set me up with someone, (Elliot) I almost got arrested! The dude was possessive and had stalker like behavior. He even threatened me. One day he came over and I stabbed him with my fork, but just for the record it was in self defense.

Just as we were making our way over to our friends, I heard the two engines revving making me spin on my heal to face them. Ashley kept walking leaving me behind.

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