Twisted Life Ch. 4

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Twisted Life

Chapter. 4

The bell had signaled that first lunch was over.

In twenty five minutes I would be out of class and heading to lunch.

I sat there in silence, thinking to myself.

I have to sing again, but worst, in front of people.

"Are you okay?" The question cut my rambled thoughts short.

I plastered a smile on my face before I turned to respond him.

" Of course. Why wouldn't I be?"

I could see the doubt in his eyes as he assessed my response.

He gave me a tentative smile with unconvinced eyes.

"Alright then, well, would you mind sitting with me at lunch?"

"Yea, sure why?"

" Well, I'm new here and I don't really know anyone else."

He confessed as he gazed at me with his lash hooded eyes and shy smile.

I could feel a bit of disappointment in me, which surprised me, but, I quickly pushed it away.

"Of course, no problem."

"Plus, we have to talk about the performance." Of course.

"Right, yea" More disappointment.

"And, I also want to get to know you better." Wait what?

"Hmmm?" I mumbled as I shyly looked away.

"Uhh, I said that aloud huh?"

I nervously giggled. "Umm yea, you did."

I said with a Scarlett blush across my face, still not daring to look his way.

"So... ummm, avoiding the foot in my mouth what would you like to sing?"

"Well it depends, what can you play?"

"Don't worry about me; What do you feel comfortable with?"

I felt stressed, and it hasn't even been an hour yet.

"Umm, well, I don't know I'll think about it. No never mind we'll think about it."

I said with confidence in me and a smile on my face.

"Hmm." He shook his head. Why did he shake his head?

"Alright, well we don't have much time to decide

since we have two weeks for rehearsal and,

first I have to get you over stage fright."

"Right.. Stage fright."

I uttered as I swallowed the lump that had formed in my throat.

"Ugh, this is horrible."

All the confidence that I had a minute ago left me.

I slumped in my seat and laid my head on the table top.

"I'm going to mortify and embarrass my self up there." I said as a layer of hair fell over my face.

I noticed he hesitantly reached his hand towards me,

but then dropped it back down to his side.

He let a small sudden chuckle out as he pushed his hand

through his hair with the same hand he tried to comfort me with.

"Don't worry, once I'm done with you, fear won't even be in your vocabulary."

He said sure of himself.

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